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City of Madison

Traffic Engineering - Yang Tao, Interim City Traffic Engineer & Parking Utility Manager

Bicycle & Pedestrian Wayfinding


The City of Madison will be implementing wayfinding along shared-use paths and on bicycle routes starting in 2022. The wayfinding will align with recommendations from the 2016 Dane County Parks Bicycle Wayfinding Manual. It will be very similar to the wayfinding that is in use on the Capital City Trail. 

The first project will take place on the Southwest Path. Traffic Engineering had two sample confirmation signs on the Southwest Path to get feedback. That survey is now closed with most people preferring Sign 1 (shown below). However, some good feedback was submitted that will hopefully improve the sign design.

The Southwest Path near Monroe St will be signed first. This will include both destination and confirmation signs. In 2023, more signage will be installed both on the Southwest Path and other locations.

Confirmation Sign Sample Signs (from original survey)

Proposed Sign One with distance and time in a column along the right

Proposed Sign 2 with distance and time in a row below the destination