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Parking Lot/Site Plan

Contact: Email Zoning Phone Number (608) 266-4551
Our process and forms were designed with input from customers and City staff who provided tips on how to prevent errors and reduce time. Our process works best if we receive complete, accurate and legible information.


  1. Before you submit your plans and required information, discuss your proposal with City staff

    At this time you can discuss the City’s standards for site design. See the Parking Lot/Site Plan Approval Packet (pdf), Section G, for staff phone numbers.

    Who to contact:
    Zoning - (608) 266-4551

  2. Determine the items you need to include in your application

    At a minimum, you need:
    To determine the other items you need to include, answer these questions:
    1. Is this parking lot an approved conditional use or PUD?
      - If yes, attach signed copy of Letter of Conditions.
    2. Is this parking lot an alteration to an existing conditional use or PUD?
      - If yes, attach signed alteration form.
    3. Will driveways be added, moved, removed, or reconstructed?
      - If yes, attach Driveway Permit. (Note: The Permit To Construct Commercial Driveway Approach will be filled out by Traffic Engineering staff. They will also start a Conduit Installation Requirement Form if it is determined that there is a need to install or protect conduit under the driveway(s). For more information see Traffic Engineering Fees, MGO Sec. 10.08 and Driveway Approach Information.)
    4. Is the site one acre or more?
      - If yes, attach Land Disturbing Activity application (use the Erosion Control & Stormwater Management Permit ) and five sets of Erosion Control Plan.
    5. Does this parking lot have a joint driveway or joined parking lots on separate parcels?
      - If yes, attach Easement Agreement.
    6. Will this parking lot have outdoor lighting?
      - If yes, attach Lighting Plan and Manufacturers Specs.
    7. Does the parking lot have three or more stalls?
      - If yes, attach Landscape Worksheet.

  3. Prepare your plans

    Use the Parking Lot/Site Plan Approval Packet (pdf) to be sure you show all the information that is needed for review of your plans/project.

  4. Submit checklist, plans and all attachments

    Where to go:
    Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday
    Zoning Counter
    Madison Municipal Building
    Department of Planning & Community & Economic Development
    215 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Suite LL 100
    Madison, WI 53703

    A zoning staff person will review your application to see if it’s complete. If it’s not complete, the staff person will return your plans to you and explain what other items you need to submit. If it is complete, a zoning staff person will accept the application for review.

  5. Track plan review

    You can track the progress of the city agencies’ reviews on the City of Madison Site Plan Verification website. If an agency requests additional information, submit the materials directly to that agency. If a plan is rejected by an agency, revised plans will need to be resubmitted for a new review.

  6. Return to pick up your plans

    Usually the parking lot/site plan review process takes about 7-10 days. It can take longer if an agency requests additional information or if the plans need to be revised and resubmitted. You will receive an email notification when the plans have been approved, you can then return to pick up your approved plans.

  7. Receive permit

    Pay all fees at the Permit Counter and get your permit(s) and a signed, approved copy of your plan.

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Have Questions?

Contact Zoning - (608) 266-4551.