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    Building Inspection plan review and zoning review counters will be open to the public by appointment only.

1 & 2 Family Residential

1 & 2 Family is a type of building per WI building code. It refers to the number of dwelling units in one building. If a dwelling unit is in a building with more than two units, it is not a 1 & 2 family dwelling. 

Any building with three or more attached units follows the commercial building code.

Who can apply for a permit?

For one and two family dwellings:

  1. Owner occupants working on an alteration/addition can have building and mechanical permits.
  2. Owner occupants building a new house can have a building permit. Only licensed professionals can apply for mechanical permits.
  3. Owner non-occupants working on one and two family rentals need licenses to have a permit. Licensed professionals must apply for building and mechanical permits.
  4. Owners living on one side of a duplex can have building permits for both sides. Licensed professionals must apply for mechanical permits for both sides.[1]
  5. Owners living on one side of a 2-unit where each side has a different owner can only have a building permit for their side. 


[1] Section 101.654(1)(b), Stats., exempts an owner of a dwelling who resides or will reside in the dwelling and who applies for a building permit to perform work on the dwelling from obtaining a dwelling contractor financial responsibility certification.

“Dwelling” means any building that contains one (1) or two (2) dwelling units. SPS 320.07(25)

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