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  • Your helmet should sit flat on your head — make sure it is level and is not tilted back or forward.

  • The front of the helmet should sit low — about one or two finger widths above your eyebrows to protect your forehead.

  • The straps on each side of your head should form a "V" over your ears, with one part of the strap in front of your ear, and one behind — just below your earlobes.

  • If the helmet leans forward, adjust the rear straps. If it tilts backward, tighten the front straps.

  • Buckle the chinstrap securely at your throat so that the helmet feels snug on your head and does not move up and down or from side to side.

  • Always buy a new helmet. If you are in a crash and your helmet takes a hit, always replace it as it will not offer the same protection.

Parent Resources: Helmet Purchasing Program in the Madison Area
  • Kohl's Safety Center in the American Family Children’s Hospital: 1675 Highland Avenue, Madison, WI
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helmets save lives

Recent studies indicate that wearing a bicycle helmet can reduce your risk of a head injury by 85%. Protect yourself from the unexpected by wearing your bicycle helmet every time you ride.
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Madison Bicyclists Must:

  • Obey all traffic lights & signs.
  • Ride in the direction of traffic.
  • Use lights at night.
  • Yield to pedestrians.

Madison Bicyclists Should: