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What is this? Bike Boulevards
  • E Mifflin St & N Blair St Traffic Divertor
What is this? Bike Boxes
  • Dayton and Park
  • Redesign and Reconstruction: Improved ped/bike facilities, bike box on Old University and Campus Drive.
What is this? Bike Lanes
  • August 2019 - Milwaukee St resurfaced and buffered bike lanes added. How do buffered bike lanes work? Milwaukee Street Buffered Bike Lanes
  • July 2019 - Dutch Mill Rd has been resurfaced and has been restriped with two travel lanes, a middle turn lane and buffered bike lanes. Darwin Road is now open and has been redesigned to add bike lanes.
  • Protected Bike Lanes - North Bassett Street from West Gorham Street to West Dayton Street
  • McKee Rd - Bike Lanes, Additional Multi-Use Path and Overpass at Ice Age Junction Trail
Bike Rack Parking
  • Commercial District Bike Rack in the right-of-way program and installations, Bike Rack Program
Resurfacing, Lighting and Other Improvements
  • Resurface: Asbury Path, Capital City Path near Goodman Community Center
  • Resurface: Wingra Creek Path
    • Resurface: Glenway Path @ Speedway Rd
    • September 2019 - Green Markings - A number of new green markings are being added in the downtown area.

What is this? Safe Routes to School

    2019 Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon: Old Sauk Rd & Crestwood Elementary

    2018 Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon: Old Middleton Rd @ Rosa

    2018 Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon: Post Rd @ Leopold School

    2018 Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon: Midvale Blvd @ Midvale Elementary

    2018 Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon: Regent St @ Vista, West High School

What is this? Signals (Hybrid) (Bicycle)
  • New Pedestrian Hybrid Signal Blair and E. Mifflin
What is this? Speed Displays
  • Northport near School Rd
  • Elderberry Rd, West of Pleasant View
Pedestrian Safety Projects
  • Bike/Pedestrian Crossing modifications First St at E. Johnson
  • Intersection reconstruction and new pedestrian Signal University Ave and Ridge
  • Pflaum Rd pedestrian refuge islands, crosswalks and radar speed display boards
  • Raymond Rd and Leland new continental crosswalk, signing and curb bumpout
  • Pedestrian refuge and school crossing improvement Mineral Point Rd at Owen
  • Cottage Grove Rd and Northstar
  • Old Sauk Rd and Westfield
Traffic Signals
  • Bicycle traffic signal and Diagonal Crossing, intersection of Cottage Grove Rd & Dempsey
  • Traffic Signal at the E Mifflin Bike Boulevard and Webster St
  • Bike Signal at University Ave Path @ Spring Harbor
Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Projects
  • Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon Additions at intersections of the Southwest Path @ Midvale Blvd, Glenway St and Odana Rd
  • Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon Additions: Milwaukee St@ Starkweather Path, Fair Oaks Ave @ Lexington, Olin Ave @ Hickory, Nakoma Rd @ Cherokee, Mineral Point Rd @ Berweyn
  • Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon Additions: Williamson St @ Livingston, High Point Rd @ Sauk Creek Dr, Mineral Point Rd @ Racine, Anderson St near Wright St, Siggelkow @ Freedom Ring & Carncross
  • What is this?Pedestrian Refuge Island, Tokay Blvd
  • What is this? Island expansion, North Shore Drive and John Nolen Drive

Completed Projects

The project has been completed and is open for
use by the public.
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Pedestrian & Bicyclist Hybrid Beacon

Pedestrian & Bicyclist Hybrid Beacon

The Pedestrian & Bicyclist Hybrid Beacon is a new tool to help pedestrians and bicyclists cross busy streets. Learn more »