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What is this? Bike Boulevards
What is this? Bike Boxes
  • Dayton and Park
  • Redesign and Reconstruction: Improved ped/bike facilities, bike box on Old University and Campus Drive.
What is this? Bike Lanes
  • Buffered Bike Lane, Segoe Rd, Mineral Point Rd to Odana Rd
  • New Bike lanes and two-way center left turn lane Watts Rd Gammon Rd to Struck St
  • New Bike lanes Struck St from Schroeder Rd to Watts Rd
  • New Bike Left turn Lane Commercial and Superior
  • What is this?New Buffered Bike lanes Segoe Rd from Mineral Point to Regent St
  • What is this?Contra-flow Bike Lane Charter St, Dayton St to Regent St
  • New Bike Lanes and Ped Accommodations Sherman Ave, Trailsway to Northport Dr
  • New Bike Lanes and pedestrian refuge Aberg Ave
  • New Bike Lanes Bartillion Dr, Kinsman to Rieder Rd
  • New Bike Lanes Blackhawk Rd, Madison section
  • New Bike Lanes Broom St, Doty to Gorham
  • New Bike Lanes Commercial Ave., Sherman to Packers
  • New Bike Lanes Commercial Ave., North St to Algoma
  • New Bike Lanes Fair Oaks Ave., USH 30 to E Washington
  • New Bike Lanes Femrite Dr
  • New Bike Lanes Fordem Ave., Johnson to Northfield Pl
  • New Bike Lanes Hanson Rd., Portage to Manufacturers Dr
  • New Bike Lanes International Lane, Packers to Darwin
  • New Bike Lanes Lien Rd., Roundabout East to I-39
  • New Bike Lanes Marsh Rd new section
  • New Bike Lanes Midvale Blvd., Hammersley to Mineral Point
  • New Bike Lanes Old Middleton Rd, Capital Ave to Countryside Lane
  • New Bike Lanes and pedestrian accommodations, Post Rd, Leopold Elementary School
  • New Bike Lanes Reiner Rd, CTH T North
  • New Bike Lanes University Ave, Shorewood Blvd to Segoe Rd
Bike Rack Parking
  • Commercial District Bike Rack in the right-of-way program and installations, Bike Rack Program
  • What is this? Safe Routes to School project East High, City funded new bike racks (MMSD construction)
What is this? Safe Routes to School
  • Safe Routes to School project East High
What is this? Signals (Hybrid)
  • New Pedestrian Hybrid Signal Blair and E. Mifflin
What is this? Speed Displays
  • Allis Elementary, Buckeye Rd
  • Crestwood School, Old Sauk Rd
  • Thoreau School, Nakoma Rd
  • Toki Elementary, Whitney Way
Pedestrian Safety Projects
  • Bike/Pedestrian Crossing modifications First St at E. Johnson
  • Intersection reconstruction and new pedestrian Signal University Ave and Ridge
  • Pflaum Rd pedestrian refuge islands, crosswalks and radar speed display boards
  • Raymond Rd and Leland new continental crosswalk, signing and curb bumpout
  • Pedestrian refuge and school crossing improvement Mineral Point Rd at Owen
  • Cottage Grove Rd and Northstar
  • Old Sauk Rd and Westfield
Traffic Signals
  • Bicycle traffic signal and Diagonal Crossing, intersection of Division & Dunning
  • Traffic Signal at the E Mifflin Bike Boulevard and Webster St
  • Cottage Grove Rd and Northstar
  • Old Sauk Rd and Westfield
Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Projects
  • Pedestrian crossing modifications, Eastwood & First St
  • Pedestrian safety study, Oak St and E Washington Ave.
  • Pedestrian Improvements, Marquette St and E Washington Ave.
  • What is this? Island expansion, North Shore Drive and John Nolen Drive
  • What is this?Pedestrian Refuge Island, N. Thompson Dr at Oak Valley/Birchwood

Completed Projects

The project has been completed and is open for
use by the public.
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Pedestrian & Bicyclist Hybrid Beacon

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