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Bike Boulevards

Bicycle Boulevards

Bicycle boulevards are low speed, low (motor vehicle) traffic volume, local streets that are designated for use primarily by bicyclists. Learn more »
Bike Boxes

Bike Boxes

Bike boxes are intended to reduce bicycle & car collisions by providing greater visibility. Learn more »
Pedestrian & Bicyclist Hybrid Beacon

Pedestrian & Bicyclist Hybrid Beacon

The Pedestrian & Bicyclist Hybrid Beacon is a new tool to help pedestrians and bicyclists cross busy streets. Learn more »

Please Note

Select your route to match your skill and comfort level.
Obey all traffic signs, signals and laws.
Ride courteously and safely.

Off street paved path

off street paved path

Off street paved paths are shared use routes for cyclists, pedestrians and other non-motorized traffic. Ride responsibly and share the path. Slow down when approaching other traffic and give an audible warning before passing. When not passing, keep to the right.

bike lane or paved shoulder

Bike lane or Paved shoulder

A bicycle lane is a separate lane on the street for bicyclists. This lane is sometimes shared with parked cars, buses or right turning vehicles.

Wide curb lane

Wide curb lane

A wide curb lane is the traffic lane next to the curb (the right most lane) which is extra wide so a motorist can safely pass a bicyclist without having to change lanes. There is no line painted on the street separating motorists from the bicyclists.

On street route

On street route

On street routes are sections of bike routes, on streets, which have "bike route" signs, but do not have other bicycle facilities. These "on street routes" are often used by bicyclists, who are comfortable sharing the road with motor vehicles, to access areas not yet served by other bicycle facilities.

Off street unpaved path

off street unpaved path

An off street, unpaved path is similar in use to the mixed-use, paved path described above, but may have rugged terrain more suitable for mountain bikes.

Bicycle Route on Sidewalk

Bicycle Route On Sidewalk

Due to difficult roadway conditions in a few areas, bike routes on sidewalks help insure route continuity. Bicycling is allowed on sidewalks, EXCEPT where buildings are not set back from the sidewalk (such as commercial districts). Always yield to pedestrians.

Local street

Local Street

Local or collector streets, without bicycle facilities, have relatively low traffic volumes and lower speeds.

Through street

Through street
(higher traffic volumes)

Arterial streets, without bicycle facilities, have
higher volumes and speeds. These streets are not recommended for inexperienced cyclists.