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Getting Ready
  1. Your helmet should sit 1 or 2 fingers above your eyebrow.
  2. Your helmet is too loose if you can push it back more than 1 inch.
  3. There should be 2-3 inches between your legs and your bike.
  4. Your leg should bend slightly when the pedal is on the bottom.
Riding on the Sidewalk
  1. Don't ride on the sidewalk in Madison if there is a building next to it.
  2. Say "Excuse me" or "on your left" before passing others.
  3. Look left, right, left and behind before entering the street.
  4. Wait for the wave from a driver before entering the street.
Entering the Street Safety
  1. Start with one pedal on the ground and the other foot on the pedal.
  2. Look left.
  3. Look right and then left again.
  4. Peek around parked cars before starting
Riding in a Safe Place
  1. Ride 3 feer from the curb
  2. Ride 3 feet from a parked car.
Look behind before you...
  1. Go around a parked car.
  2. Turn left into a driveway.
  3. Make a u-turn.
  4. Turn at a corner.
Turning left the right way
  1. Look behind for traffic. Do NOT turn if you see a vehicle.
  2. Move toward the center.
  3. Look for traffic in front of you.
  4. Turn to the FAR side of the road.