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Alder Yannette Figueroa Cole

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Alder Yannette Figueroa Cole

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4327 Milford Rd

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210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd
Room 417
Madison, WI 53703
Phone: (608) 266-4071
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Alder Figueroa Cole’s Updates

Let us Talk About the 2023 Budget

November 13, 2022 10:46 PM

Budget Meeting 

The Common Council will meet in hybrid format for 2023 Capital and Operating Budget deliberations. Tuesday 11/15 is reserved for public testimony on the budget and Wednesday 11/16 is reserved for Common Council deliberation. A meeting on Thursday 11/17 will only occur if the Council is unable to finish their deliberations on Wednesday. If it is necessary to have a Thursday meeting, the meeting will be either in person only (MMB 215) or virtual depending on a vote of the Council on 11/15.

Members of the Common Council have proposed Capital Budget amendments and Operating Budget amendments that are available for your review. These files are also attached to the Legistar files for each budget:

Let us Talk About the 2023 Budget

 Let's Talk Budget . blog entry from 2021 introduced us to the Executive budgets and focused on all funding sources distributions. Also, it highlighted the Building Inspection agency services and guided us through the agencies' budget page.  In April, Tax Season!! April 18 is almost here! blog, we learned about property tax calculations, levy impact, Mill Rate and we looked at our tax bill distributions among City, County, School District & MATC.  We also took a deep dive into the Municipal bill's charges used to expand services.

 Join me for another dive into this budget round, where I will be focusing on:

1.      Navigation overview

2.      Funding Sources

3.      Budget Overview

Navigation overview:

To access current and prior budgets go the, from the agency list click on Finance, and from the Finance page menu click on the Budget

The budget page has the link to the current budget as well as the budget schedule timeline

Click on the budget button to land on both Capital and Operating documentation.  We will be discussing the Executive Operating Budget.  The posted Executive Budget contains the Mayor's suggestions after reviewing each agency's requests.  Amendments to the budget will be incorporated into the Adopted Budgets once the Council finalizes the negotiations during November 15-17 meetings.

Another way to get to the 2023 executive budget is by clicking here.  However, it is important to be able to navigate to the budget as these links are specific to the current budget year.

From this page, you can open the full budget or open the individual agency's pages.  I suggest also reading the summaries.


Funding Sources:

To have informed conversations it is important to understand the funding sources.  Services are supported by more than property taxes and millions of dollars have restricted use based on their purpose.

1.      General Fund: A central fund into which most of the City's tax and unrestricted revenues are budgeted to support basic City operations.

2.      Enterprise Funds: These are separate financial accounts that track expenditures and revenues for each fund.  Some funds act like a stand-alone business, for example, the Golf Enterprise generates revenue from golf activities sales and uses that revenue to support running the golf operations.  The same applies to the Water, Parking utility, Metro, etc.  Fees are collected for services and those fees are used for payroll and expenses.

3.      Other Fundings include federal, county, restricted funds:  These funds are often provided for a specific purpose based on projects or grant requirements.  Some examples are ARPA funds, HUD, Public Health, grants, etc.

Budget Overview- Public Health Perspective:

From the Executive Budget Summary, "2023 Executive Operating Budget proposes $381,898,781 in general and library fund expenditures. This is a $21.6 million (or 6.0%) increase from the 2022 Adopted Budget".  The summary is also a good resource of information, click here for the full report.

It has been my motivation and commitment to this job to prioritize my focus on improving the lives of Madison residents who live in poverty, or in unsafe living conditions, or those lacking access to transit, healthy foods, and other basic services.  

The best deterrent to crime and violence is a community built on neighborhoods with access to basic needs.  Within walking distance to libraries, grocery stores, local businesses & parks.  With easier access and connectivity to nature, like access to the arboretum and Olbrich Gardens via public transportation, biking & walking paths.  

Where communities and the government are focused on equity instead of fairness.  We are all centered on inclusion, where what we call "home" or our citizenship status does not define our character nor signify entitlement!  For example, where a public golf park welcomes the entire public, not just the golf enthusiasts (check out the Glen transformation), and where streets are shared with bikes, and pedestrians of all ages and abilities (see Safe Streets)

 With these priorities in mind, here is a subset of the budget.  Where I am including agencies that directly impact the health and safety of the community.  It is my sincere hope that highlighting these areas of the budget brings clarity and encourages each of us to put things into perspective. 

The "General" column refers to the use of general funds, other agencies like Metro & Public Health's main fund sources are also listed.

Health & Safety Agencies: All Funds table

Health & Safety Agencies: All Funds graph

Health & Safety Agencies: GENERAL Funds ONLY

These data show the strong amount of support the city provides to MPD and Fire Departments.  Their combined budget distribution is almost 40% (22% & 18% respectively) of the general funds, followed by the Library and Community Development at ~5% and Parks at ~4%.

Health & Safety Agencies: General Funds – SERVICE AREAS


To learn more about how Community Development distributes funding visit the new and improved page.  For a list of current and past RFP as well as organizations that applied click on the Contracts & Funding menu.  This is a place to learn more about non-profit organizations and their work.



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