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Hi Everyone,

Greeting on this lovely spring day! I hope you saw last night's spectacular lunar eclipse, the oddly-named Super Flower Blood Moon. Whatever you call it, it was a sight to behold.

Here are this week's updates.

Reminder: Metro Transit Network Redesign to be Discussed at today's SMPC Meeting

Today, May 16, at 6pm, the South Madison Planning Council will be discussing potential alternatives that have been proposed to the Transit Network Redesign Draft Plan. Metro staff came up with four possible amendments for a Route O to address gaps in service which would arise with the proposed elimination of Routes 4 and 13, the loss of which would impact D13 residents in Bay Creek and Greenbush, as well as D14 residents further to the south. Metro Planning Manager Sean Hedgpethwill be on hand to provide detailed information about the proposed alternatives and to answer questions. Click here for the Zoom link.

The Transit Network Redesign process is coming to a close this month with a Final Network Redesign Public Meeting this Thursday, May 19. An additional survey looking to gather information on impacts on seniors and those with disabilities is open through Friday, May 27. To take the survey, please click here.

Also taking place today, the Transportation Policy & Planning Board (TPPB) will get a presentation from staff on the feedback received over the last several months as well as the full list of potential amendments that will be considered for the draft plan. The board will consider Adopting the Metro Network Redesign Plan again at its 5/31 meeting when it will hold a public hearing on the plan and again on 6/6 when it will vote on potential amendments and a final plan to recommend to the Common Council meeting of 6/7.

You can find the details of today's TPPB meeting here, including a link to watch the meeting. Materials for the meeting can be found here

Transit-Oriented Development

Two more public information meetings on the new TOD zoning proposal will be held today at noon and 6p. The same content will be presented at each of the meetings, and all meetings will be recorded for those who may want to learn more, but don't have availability during meeting times. You can read more details about the proposal and register for the meetings here.

Lake Wingra Watershed Gathering Coming Up This Saturday!


The Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood Association's WATER Team invites you to a family friendly and free event this Saturday. Bring your family, a friend, or neighbor. Meet neighbors from throughout the Watershed as we celebrate and learn about water stewardship.

Interact with people from 30 organizations committed to clean water needed by all life forms that share this planet. Learn about water stewardship practices. Leave with new ideas as we collectively ensure healthy lakes, streams, and the lands in-between.

  • Participate in fun activities with nine activities for children.
  • Engage with storyteller Andi Cloud, a member of the Ho-Chunk Nation.
  • Enjoy art inspired by water research results.
  • Renew your sense of connection among people, land, and water.
  • Meet homeowners with rain gardens, rain barrels, and prairies instead of lawns as ways to keep water out of their basements while creating habitat for butterflies, insects, and animals.
  • Talk with neighbors who plant prairies and greenspaces on public property.
  • Talk with urban vegetable gardeners.
  • Learn about climate justice, how climate change impacts Madison Lakes and ways to lessen effects.
  • Learn about water management including ways to address flooding.
  • Experience lake monitoring and tracking harmful chloride.

Itinerary at or contact Taylor   

Supported by a subgrant from the UW-Madison Arboretum's agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency. Additional funds from Wisconsin Environmental Initiative, Regent Neighborhood Association, Clean Lakes Alliance, Midvale Heights Neighborhood Association, Westmorland Neighborhood Association, Friends of Lake Wingra, Agrecol, and Marta Karlov. Logo courtesy of Colleen Manner, Madison Enterprise Center. 

Finance Committee 

I was recently appointed by Mayor Satya to the Finance Committee. Finance is one of our City's most important committees, and my first meeting as an official member of the committee takes place today at 4:30. We'll be discussing the Resource Recovery Special Charge and getting an overview of City agency 2023 Capital Budget requests.  Meeting details, including how to register to speak or watch online, are available by clicking here.

Last Chance Yard Waste Collection This Week

The Streets Division will be performing a final yard waste collection this week. Yard waste needs to be placed at the curb starting now. Crews will begin that final sweep through neighborhoods starting the work week of May 16 - 20. By performing this last chance collection, other work by the Streets Division will be slowed. Fixing potholes, collection of roadside debris, and doing some hand sweeping and other manual labor around traffic island maintenance will all be slowed down or temporarily halted until the final sweep is complete. Brush collection will also be affected as collection for that may slow down some. Streets will be able to remain on schedule, but it may take an extra day or so to get through the entire collection round. Once the final sweep is done, Streets has to stop yard waste collection so they can get back to these duties. (Road repair is of particular importance because they need time to fill potholes before Engineering performs their chip sealing work.) The drop-off sites remain available for those who miss this last chance pickup. The drop-off sites are different this year, so please check the Streets Division website before loading your car.

The Backyard Homes Project

In order to support the development of new Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in the City of Madison,
the City's Community Development Division has limited funding available in 2022 to provide
financial support to homeowners facing barriers in the traditional lending market.

The City is offering a 15 year installment loan at 2% interest to eligible homeowners. Learn more
about this program by reading the Backyard Homes Project term sheet.

What is an ADU?

An ADU is a small independent residential unit located on the same property as a stand-alone home.
ADUs can be attached to an existing home or built above an existing garage. They can be carved out
of an existing building, splitting one dwelling into two by converting underutilized spaces like
garages into new independent units. Attics and basements can also be converted into upper or lower
apartments. More common today, a detached ADU is an independent dwelling within a stand-alone
structure often located in a backyard. ADUs are not a new concept and were a common feature in
single-family housing in the early twentieth century. Historically, ADUs have also been referred
to as an in-law or mother-in-law unit, granny flat or carriage house.

ADU Frequently Asked Questions

ADU Loan Application 2022 

That's all for now. Enjoy this beautiful weather!

Take care and stay safe,


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