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Flattening The Curve and Upping Our Game

Hi Everybody. The world has changed dramatically in a very short period of time. If you weren't taking the CoronaVirus seriously, you most likely are now. If you're like me, at first you thought this might have been overblown, thinking the fear of the virus was more contagious than the … [read more]

COVID-19 Update

First, a quick caveat. One of our neighbors pointed out that caution is due with respect to taking supplements if you are currently on prescription meds. Yes, that's true. Please consult your primary care provider first. Second, effective at 5 pm today, Public Health for Madison and Dane … [read more]

COVID-19 Update

On March 13, 2020, Public Health Madison & Dane County issued orders to stop mass gatherings of 250 or more people across the county to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This order has been updated to include places of worship and religious gathering centers of over 250 people, effective … [read more]

COVID-19 Update

Sara Alvarado shared something lovely on Facebook: It’s actually physical distancing. Not social distancing. We decrease the physical touching and actually increase the creative ways we can touch each other’s hearts and spirits and stay in deep community connection. Stay social! We can and … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: Early and Absentee Voting

April 7th is the day of the important Spring Election and Presidential Primary. With the evolving concerns for public health and safety, I encourage all voters to learn more about your absentee and early voting options. Please plan ahead and take advantage of early and absentee voting where … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: Public Health Issues Order Closing Schools and Imposing Countywide Directive to Stop Holding Gatherings of 50 or More People

Schools are closed as of 03/16/2020 Public Health Madison & Dane County is issuing a county-wide directive PDF to close schools as of March 16, 2020 at 12:01am to mitigate the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). This order is also a county-wide directive to stop gatherings of 50 or more … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: MMSD Free Healthy Meals for Kids

Message from the Madison Metropolitan School District: "Schools are closed but MMSD will be providing free, nutritious meals for kids daily at sites around Madison. A take-home breakfast and lunch will be provided in pre-packaged paper bags at each drop-off site, once per day. Sites and times … [read more]

COVID-19 Update - More closings

Hi Everybody. Things are changing, seemingly by the hour. The Monroe Street Library closed today. The Neighborhood House on S. Mills in Greenbush also closed. Banks are shutting down their lobbies, with business limited to drive-through. Restaurants had their capacities reduced by 50%, … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: Community Spread has come to Dane County

Community members should stay home as much as possible Public Health Madison & Dane County is announcing several new cases of COVID-19 that indicate community spread of the virus. The term “community spread” means there is no known source of the disease, such as recent contact with an … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: Gov. Evers Bans Gatherings of 10 or More, Extends School Closure Indefinitely

PRESS RELEASE: Gov. Tony Evers this afternoon issued a new executive order that further restricts mass gatherings, closes bars and restaurants and extends the school closures indefinitely to stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Effective 5 p.m. today, March 17, public and private … [read more]

COVID-19 Update

Mayor Satya this morning issued a statement about local businesses with regards to COVID-19. Restaurants in particular, but local independent retail in general, are taking a big hit. The Mayor is asking us to consider the following: Tip well. Tip more if you are able to do so. Service … [read more]

COVID-19 Update

Hi Everyone. The Mayor issued this statement about voting this morning. The pandemic is disruptive enough, but we owe it to ourselves not to let it disrupt our civic duty to vote. Voting early or by absentee are ways of limiting exposure, both for yourselves and for poll workers, but the … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: Curbside Voting plus update on Homeless Services

Hot off the presses! The City of Madison has reserved four parking spots on Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. outside the City-County Building and the Madison Municipal Building for curbside voting starting Friday, March 20th. Voters who are high-risk for COVID-19 can register to vote and/or cast … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: Metro Service, Grocery Shopping, Be Careful What You Flush

Hi Everybody. Here is an update on new guidelines for Metro Service: After consultation with Public Health, Madison Metro determined that several steps should be taken to reduce the risk of community spread of COVID-19 and increase the ability for riders and employees to follow social … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: Funny. Not Funny.

Yes, this is serious, what we're going through, but a good belly laugh builds the immune system and relieves stress. Here's what I've found funny recently: Trevor Noah sings. Work from home realities. Stephen Colbert's monologue Wed night. But, like I said, this is serious. … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: Day 8 Musings

Hi Everybody, I blogged for the first time about the crisis on March 13. Eight days have passed and so much has happened. It's my intention to stay in close touch with you, to share information and offer encouragement. Today, I'm going to wax a bit philosophical, articulating why I'm … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: Body and Soul, Monroe Street Businesses

Hi Everybody. Early on I mentioned how this is a marathon, not a sprint. I meant that metaphoically, but it's evident that we all need to be engaged in types of self-care that include movement. Sitting on the couch and eating crappy food is not going to boost our immune systems. But doing … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: Gov. Evers Announces "Safer At Home" Order, Metro to Implement Free Fares & Rear Door Entry/Exit Only

Hi Everybody. #SaferAtHome As you may have heard, Gov. Tony Evers announced his decision to order all non-essential business to close under a "Safer At Home" directive, similar in scope to the "Shelter In Place" directives that have been imposed in other states such as California, New York … [read more]

CORRECTION TO THE CORRECTION: COVID-19 Update: How We Can Help, plus some more info

It turns out Mayor Satya reads this blog. She just texted me to let me know that Curbside Voting is now for everyone. That means you, if you're reading this, and you haven't voted, can drive downtown (or walk or bike) to MLK Blvd outside the City-County Bldg and the Madison Municipal Bldg, … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: Being Safe When You Are Not At Home

Hi Everybody. It's still a marathon, not a sprint. The churches will not be filled by Easter, not by anyone who is intent on loving their neighbor. The only way to prevent our hospitals from collapsing is by practicing extreme social distancing. It's not my favorite term either, social … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: Safe Grocery Shopping Video

Hi Everybody. A special thanks to Mary Jo for sharing this very important video about how to safely shop for your groceries and handle take out food from restaurants. I had a conversation last evening with my sister-in-law who is a medical worker in Seattle. She is practicing these same … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: Voters in Need of a Witness

Ann R. of Vilas recommended this as a blog topic this morning. And within the hour, the City posted the following notice: The City of Madison Clerk’s Office has received many inquiries about the need for a witness signature and address on the absentee certificate envelope. The witness … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: Staying The Course

Hi Everyone. "Our grandparents were asked to go to war. We're being asked to stay at home and sit on the couch." You've probably seen this meme on the internet. It's funny and makes a point. But it's not really accurate. Not everyone who went to war in the past was simply asked. Many were … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: Emergency Alert

Hi Everyone. If you own a smart phone, yesterday yours went off with an emergency alert that went somthing like this: The coronavirus is spreading and our best means of saving lives is to stay inside and practice social distancing. In other words, to the extent possible, everyone should … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: Masks4All

Hi Everyone. I know we were told that face masks will not protect us from the coronavirus. And I also know there's a shortage of N-95 masks. That shortage puts health care workers at risk, so if you have a supply of N-95 masks, it's imperative you turn those in to a local hospital such as UW … [read more]

Spring Yard Waste Collection Starts April 6

Hi Everyone. Spring is here, slowing but surely. If you're like me, you're looking forward to being outdoors and getting your hands in the dirt. But what to do with all that yard waste? Starting next Monday, April 6, the Streets Division will begin curbside yard waste … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: Social Distancing while using City Bicycle and Pedestrian Pathways: Shared-Use Paths Remain Open

Hi Everyone. If you have been sheltering in place for over 14 days and are currently symptom-free, the good news is you likely don't have Covid-19. We all need exercise though, and fresh air is healthy for body and spirit, so how should be comport ourselves when we do go outside, whether for a … [read more]

Tonight's Virtual Common Council Meeting

Hi Everyone. As tonight is the first time the Common Council will be meeting virtually, I wanted to make sure that folks had the information needed to participate. The City of Madison is holding the Common Council meeting virtually to help protect our community from the Coronavirus … [read more]

More COVID-19 Update: Spring Election

This from Marc G in Dudgeon-Monroe: Hi Tag, I suggest adding this bit about voting from Absentee Voting The Clerk’s Office must receive your ballot by April 7. Because we don’t have much time for ballots to … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: Parking Restrictions Lifted

Hi Everyone. Here is a press release from the City about changes in parking restrictions, including those pertaining to the Clean Street/Clean Lakes restrictions. Please share on your respective neighborhood listservs and e-newsletters. All on-street meters, Residential Permit Only … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: Absentee Extension

Hi Everyone. Unfortunately, a federal judge late yesterday declined to postpone the election but did make some changes. (This is important, so please share on neighborhood listservs.) The deadline to request an absentee has been given a 24-hour extension to today, Friday, April 3 at … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: Mask Making

Hi Everyone. Today, I made my own mask. I don't have a sewing maching, so I used one of the no-sew patterns, using a bandana, a coffee filter, and two rubber bands. There's an informative article on the NYT website that I highly recommend: "What's the Best Material for a Mask?" We … [read more]

Correction -COVID-19 Update: Whew! Election Suspended

CORRECTION: The new date for in-person voting is June 9. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi Everyone. In case you haven't heard, Gov. Evers has suspended tomorrow's in-person voting until June 7. Not sure what took so long. … [read more]

Clerks Advised to Continue Prep for Tomorrow's Election

The communication below from the Wisconsin Election Commission to Clerks indicates that whether tomorrow's election takes place or not is still up in the air. It is possible that the State Supreme Court could overturn Gov. Evers' postponement order and/or that the State Legislature could take … [read more]

Final Voting Information - Election Day

Final Voting Information - Election Today Many of you are upset. I get it. So am I. Despite yesterday's rollercoaster news, the election will be held today. Please note that absentee ballots must now either be handed in at a polling place or postmarked by 8:00 pm today to be … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: Bayview Needs Masks, plus Census Reminder

Hi Everyone. Still trembling with anger over yesterday's election? Looking for something positive to do to take your mind off of the blatant voter suppression? Alexis London, Bayview's Executive Director, sent out this call for help: "Bayview needs at least 400 face masks for … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: Keep It Up, It's Working!

The City put out this press release, which I'm including in full: Physical distancing is making a difference Public Health Madison & Dane County is urging residents to continue to follow the Safer at Home order PDF to slow the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve. "We know it's … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: Double Down, Not Lighten Up

Hi Everyone. It's April in Wisconsin, where it snows one minute and the sun shines the next. I just read that we're due to get some measurable snowfall on Sunday. Soon the weather will be nice, and as that happens it's imperative we not let up. There's all this talk about turning the … [read more]

Addendum - COVID-19 Update: The Mayor Calls for Masks

Several of you have reached out to help start the D13 Mask Brigade. Here's an article about best fabric: Below is a pattern that a D13 resident found to be a good one as it allows for the user to … [read more]

Correction - COVID-19 Update: Flattening, Masking, and Coping with Grief

Thanks to Karen T. from Vilas pointing out the links about Coping With Grief were not accurate. I've fixed them below...for those interested, here are the correct links" "That Discomfort You're Feeling Is Grief": "It's OK … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: Gov. Evers Extends Safer At Home Order

Information from the Governor's office: Gov. Evers Directs DHS to Extend Wisconsin's Safer at Home Order MADISON -- Gov. Tony Evers today directed Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) Secretary-designee Andrea Palm to extend the Safer at Home order from April 24, 2020 to 8 a.m. … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: "Shared Streets" to Enhance Social Distancing

The City of Madison is launching several new initiatives to assist community members in having safe, healthy spaces for walking and biking during the COVID-19 Safer at Home order. Some initial locations designated as "shared streets" have already been signed by City workers. These street … [read more]

Gov. Evers Announces "Badger Bounce Back" Plan

Here's the Governor's press release: MADISON -- Gov. Tony Evers today announced Wisconsin's "Badger Bounce Back" plan which outlines important criteria for Wisconsin to be able to reopen its economy in phases and includes steps to make sure workers and businesses are prepared to reopen as soon … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: Roads, Masks, and a Word of Encouragement

Hi Everyone. Roads The road reconstruction project for Gregory, Cross, Western and Copeland is scheduled to start next Monday, April 27. The contract has been awarded to Capitol Underground, Inc. There was some discussion about the start date, with the contractor wanting to start earlier, … [read more]

COVID-19 and the 50TH Anniversary of Earth Day

Hi Everyone. Happy Earth Day, on this day, the 50th Anniversary of its founding by then Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson. I met Senator Nelson one time, when we were both on a panel discussing Ecological Economics at a Conference in 1991 here in Madison. (You can order a DVD of the … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: Public Safety, Public Health, and a Shelter In Place Meditation

Hi Everyone. At Tuesday's online Council meeting, Interim Police Chief Vic Wahl provided an update regarding calls for service during this challenging time we're in. According to Chief Wahl, overall calls are down throughout the City, with the notable exception of two areas: domestic … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: Personal Resilience in the Face of Tragedy

In yesterday's post, I shared the 4-Part Shelter In Place Meditation from the Ten Percent Happier website. Several of you responded favorably, thanking me for the post. I find that many are responding to the pandemic in positive ways, choosing to turn this into a time of personal growth. … [read more]

COVID-19 Update from Parking Enforcement

From Parking Enforcement: The current suspension ending Sunday, April 26th of all on-street meters, Residential Permit Only restrictions, 1-hour and 2-hour time-limit restrictions in non-metered areas, and Street sweeping and Clean Streets-Clean Lakes program parking has been further extended … [read more]

Living History Project Shares Stories from a Distance

Hi Everyone. The Living History Project , Madison Public Library's community history platform, is gathering narratives in a new initiative called Stories from a Distance. The unprecedented social distancing people are doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 will have far-reaching consequences … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: A Message from the Mayor on Mental Health Care

Hi Everyone. Yesterday, Mayor Satya demonstrated her leadership in a very thoughtful post about mental health care with respect to Covid-19. It was so good that I'm copying it in full here: As we continue to receive new and evolving information on COVID-19/coronavirus, many aspects of … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: The Month of May

Hi Everyone. These are alien times. The idea that we may go months and months, perhaps more than a year, without being able to hug one another or shake hands is beginning to sink in. Thanks to my friend Jamie D., I came across the Greater Good Magazine website based out of Berkeley. … [read more]

COVID-19 Update

Hi Everyone. A few short updates, a couple Covid-related and one not. First, Dane County Exec Joe Parisi announced that municipalities within the County will be able to allow for delays in property tax payments to October 1st, 2020. In other words, if you're on the installment plan, you … [read more]

Updated -- District 13 Cares!

Hi Everyone. You should be getting a postcard from me in your mailbox, an outreach to every resident in the district during these troubled times. Back when I was applying to fill the interim alder position, prior to the actual campaign, it became evident that the neighborhood associations … [read more]

D13 Mask Brigade Strikes Again!

Hi Everyone, Just a quick update on our mask-making efforts. Volunteers from Faith Community Bible Church, located at S. Park and Regent just outside of the district, working in tandem with volunteers from Triangle Community Ministry, made 160 cloth face coverings for residents in the … [read more]

D13 Mask Brigade Update...and a special request

Hi Everyone. Yesterday, I delivered a batch of homemade cloth masks sewed by the kind-hearted members of the D13 Mask Brigade to Cindy Julius, president of the Triangle Neighborhood Organization. This morning, Cindy sent me this email: I went to Parkside yesterday and handed out the … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: Dane County Opens Community Testing Site at Alliant Energy Center

Hi Everyone. The science is clear. In order to safely bounce back and reopen the economy, there needs to be robust testing. Toward that end, the Wisconsin National Guard has opened a Dane County community testing site for COVID-19. Free, drive-thru and walk-up testing is available to all … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: Gov Evers modifies Safer At Home order

Hi Everyone. I wanted to make sure you're aware of this most recent update allowing more latitude for local retail. It's a relatively small step, but going slow with this is what the scientific community, including local health experts, say is necessary. Our local businesses need your … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: New Local Safer At Home Order

Hi Everyone. Today, the Wisconsin Supreme Court voted to invalidate the Safer at Home order issued by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, effective immediately. Public Health Madison & Dane County is disappointed in the ruling, as the Safer at Home order has substantially … [read more]

COVID-19 Update

Hi Everyone. What a week. The WI Supreme Court votes 4-3 to invalidate Gov. Evers Safer At Home order. Immediately, bars in Wisconsin were packed with customers not wearing masks. Wow. Just wow. In Dane County, as you know, the order was reinstated through May 26. Some of you … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: Public Health Announces Forward Dane Plan and Releases New Order

The plan includes metrics and a blueprint for reopening Dane County Today Public Health Madison & Dane County released Forward Dane, a plan for the phased reopening of Dane County during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Forward Dane is our blueprint for a safe and gradual reopening of Dane … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: A Message from the Mayor on the HEROES Act, plus a Green Infrastructure Pilot Study

Hi Everyone. The Mayor is asking us to lobby the Senate to pass the HEROES Act. I fully agree. States and municipalities are facing huge shortfalls, which will mean furloughs and a comcomitant reduction in city services. Though Madison was recently identified by Forbes magazine as one of … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: New Local Public Health Order Effective Tuesday

Hi Everyone. Here's the latest press release from Public Health: Earlier this week, Public Health Madison & Dane County released Forward Dane, a phased reopening plan for Dane County during the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, based on active monitoring of the data-based metrics outlined in … [read more]

COVID-19 Update: Public Health Allows Businesses to Reopen

Hi Everyone. Following two months of significant restrictions on non-essential activities, Public Health Madison & Dane County issued Emergency Order #3 on Friday, loosening most of those restrictions effective tomorrow, Tuesday, May 26. This new order replaces the restrictions that have … [read more]

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