Updates & Week of May 16 Meetings of Interest for District 2


District 2 Updates and Meetings of Interest

City meetings are mostly virtual with details listed in City Meetings of Interest below.


Stay in touch with your neighbors through either Capitol Neighborhoods, Inc. or Campus Area Neighborhood Assoc.


There are three sections to this week's update:

  1. District 2 Updates
  2. COVID-19 Resources & Information
  3. City Meetings of Interest to District 2






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From Public Health:



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Last Chance Yard Waste Collection Begins Week of May 15

The Streets Division will perform one final yard waste collection this spring. Residents who wish to take advantage of this collection must have their yard waste out for pickup by Sunday, May 15.

Crews will begin the last chance collection during the work week following Sunday, May 15. This will be the final collection this spring. Once the last chance sweep through the city concludes, then curbside yard waste pickup must halt until the fall.

-- Last Chance Collection Will Slow Other Work
In order for the Streets Division to perform the last chance collection, other work performed by the Streets Division this time of year will experience delays. Pothole and other road repair work will be slowed.

Roadside debris collection, which is done prior to Streets Division mowing operations, and maintenance to traffic islands will temporarily halt. Brush collection will also be slowed, though we will be able to adhere to the posted schedule for your home. You can get the dates when you should set out brush in front of your home at the brush website. Please note that brush is different than yard waste.

These delays are necessary so staff can be reassigned from these duties to yard waste collection so this work can be performed.  Once the final sweep of yard waste collection is complete, staff will be assigned back to these duties.

-- After the Last Chance: Use the Drop-off Sites
Once the last chance collection is complete, or if you cannot place yard waste out to the curb on or by May 15, 2022, residents should use the drop-off sites. The Badger Road drop-off site is closed, and will remain closed for the rest of 2022. Please check the Streets Division website to confirm the locations and hours of the drop-off sites before loading your vehicle.

-- Additional Information

  • More information about yard waste collection can be found here.
  • More information about all Streets Division services can be found here.

May 25 Virtual Neighborhood Meeting on Proposed Redevelopment at Madison College Site

On Wednesday, May 25 at 7:00pm, District 4 Alder Mike Verveer and I will host a virtual neighborhood meeting where Wisconsin Housing Preservation Corp. (WHPC) will give a first look at their plans to redevelop the vacant portion of the downtown Madison College site at 200 Wisconsin Ave. The proposal consists of the construction of a new, 12-story, mixed-use building. WHPC proposes 200 studio and one-and two-bedroom apartments, 40 of which would be affordable at 50% AMI (Area Median Income) and 110 of which would be affordable at 80% AMI. The remaining 50 apartments would be market rate. There would be approximately 10,000 square feet of first floor commercial space along W. Dayton Street and Wisconsin Avenue. The proposal includes four levels of parking with 240 stalls for cars and 262 stalls for bicycles.'

The location is in District 4, but adjacent to District 2, so Alder Verveer has kindly included District 2 residents in the meeting invitation, although all are welcome to attend. You can join the virtual meeting using your computer, smartphone or tablet, or you can listen in via telephone. You will receive login information after registering at cityofmadison.com/MeetingMay25MadisonCollege.


New Planning Framework Image

New Planning Framework Proposed

A proposed Planning Framework was introduced at the Common Council on May 10. As a cosponsor of the proposed changes to the city's planning process, I believe it will simplify and standardize the City's sub-area planning and make it more equitable. The Planning Division proposes to focus on 13 higher-level "Area Plans" covering the entire City. These will be updated every 10 years, and be considered the guiding plan for future land use and infrastructure investment.

The City currently has nearly 70 adopted sub-area plans with a wide variety of content, all of which will be considered as a new Area Plan is created. Each Area Plan process will provide an opportunity to consider older sub-area plans for potential retirement, as outlined on page 126 of the Comprehensive Plan. The proposed Framework will be reviewed by multiple City committees before being enacted.

Quick Overview and Deeper Dive Review Materials

  • 8-minute video recording of the presentation staff will share with boards, committees, and commissions who will be reviewing this proposal in the coming weeks.

  • Links to detailed materials from the 1.5 year process to develop the Planning Framework which involved close coordination with Plan Commission and City agencies: March 24, 2022 Plan Commission meeting materials, video; Dec. 14, 2020 and July 8, 2021 Plan Commission meeting materials, 2020 video, 2021 video.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact: Brian Grady, Principal Planner, bgrady@cityofmadison.com or Linda Horvath, Planner IV, at lhorvath@cityofmadison.com.


ADU Types

The Backyard Homes Project /ADU Financing Available

The City of Madison is pleased to announce the launch of the Backyard Homes Project and the availability of new financing to support the development of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). The Backyard Home's Project is a joint effort undertaken by the Department of Planning, Community and Economic Development to foster the development of ADUs and create more housing options through creative solutions.

ADUs come in all shapes and sizes. They are widely known as the small backyard cottage or carriage house. However, an ADU can also take the form of a new housing unit attached to an existing home, or carved out of an existing space like a garage, attic or basement, or built above a garage.

ADUs have been allowed in the City since 2013, but they required special approval through the conditional use process. In an effort to make easier the creation of ADUs, the City made ADUs a permitted use in all zoning districts where single-family homes are allowed. Thus, in these parts of the City, a property owner can create an ADU without needing any special permit or approval.  The City made other changes to the ordinance to increase the allowable size (livable square footage) to 900 square feet, and to limit ADUs to no more than two (2) bedrooms.

Easing the regulatory requirements for ADUs is an important step to encourage their development in the City. However, getting financing to create them remains a major barrier for homeowners.

The City's Backyard Homes Project will help address that problem by offering direct loans to City home owners interested in developing ADUs. The Backyard Homes Project makes $400,000 available for loans in 2022. This is a limited opportunity and applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Learn more about the Backyard Home's Project by visiting the ADU loan page here.


Metro Network Redesign Meeting

Metro Transit Network Redesign Public Engagement Opportunities

Final Public Meeting on Thursday, May 19

Metro is holding a final public meeting on Metro's draft Network Redesign on Thursday, May 19 at 6:00 pm. It will be held in person at Madison Municipal Building in Room 215 and it will also be streamed live. People watching from home will be able to submit questions through a button on Mediasite so that they can be answered live during the meeting. Complete meeting details are here.

Public Hearing on Tuesday, May 31

A public hearing on the redesign is being set up in front of both the Transportation Planning and Policy Board and the Transportation Commission Thursday, May 31 at 6 pm. Complete details are here.

June 6 and June 7 Input Opportunities

The Transportation Policy and Planning Board and the Common Council, are expected to discuss and vote on the Draft Network Redesign Plan (as amended) on June 6 and June 7, respectively. Public comment will also be taken at both those meetings.

Metro Redesign Improvements

Survey for Those With Disabilities and Senior Riders on Metro Transit Network Redesign

Metro Transit is completely redesigning its service in 2023. The goal of the redesign is provide frequent AND more direct service, better access to jobs, and make the system overall easier to use. This complete reboot of service is also necessary to schedule routes around Metro's future bus rapid transit system that will go into effect in 2024.

We are currently asking for input from seniors and those with disabilities to tell us how the Network Redesign draft plan may affect your ability to use Metro service. Fill out this short and quick survey. Your feedback is valuable and will influence decision-making regarding the redesign. 

This survey closes Friday, May 27. For those that would like to provide responses over the phone, they can call (608) 266-4466.



State Street Sidewalk Image

Survey Available on State Street Safety Climate

The City of Madison received a $500,000 grant to support efforts to reduce violent crime in the downtown area over the next two years. An advisory council has been meeting for the last 8 months to discuss the issues and the options. That council would like YOUR input on where you feel unsafe and what you would like to see done about it. Please complete this very short survey found here.

There are a total of five questions about your opinion on safety downtown. It should take you less than 10 minutes to complete it and if you like you can submit your email to enroll in a drawing for a giftcard. If you have any comments or questions, please reach out to Janae Goodrich or Abra Vigna at UW-Madison's Population Health Institute via avigna@wisc.edu or jgoodrich@wisc.edu.



COVID Update


From Public Health Madison & Dane County:

Dane CORE - for rental and utility assistance. If you are a renter or landlord in need of financial assistance as a result of the pandemic, you can still access financial assistance.

Visit the City's Coronavirus Website for Madison's COVID updates, responses and resources.

Dane County Food Pantry Network from Community Action Coalition.

State of Wisconsin COVID-19 resources and information from state agencies, including the State Dept. Public Health

Info on UW-Madison's response to the pandemic.



Below are some pertinent agenda items from city committees that are meeting this week. If you click on meeting "Details" below, you will find participation and viewing options, and a link to the full meeting agenda. If you click on an item from within an agenda, you will see all documents that relate to that item.


I appreciate hearing from you on any agenda items on which you have a particular interest or concern.



Finance Committee: Details

4:30pm, Monday, May 16, 2022



At this time, a consent agenda may be moved except for items with registrants wishing to speak or items Committee members wish to separate out for discussion or debate purposes.




Agenda Item 4

Amending the Police Department's 2022 operating budget, and authorizing the Mayor and Chief of Police to accept a New Blue Project grant award of $10,000 for promoting women in policing and advancing transformative policing


Agenda Item 6

Authorizing the Negotiation and Execution of a Contract with HNTB for Passenger Rail Study Services. 


Agenda Item 7

Amending Section 13.18 of the Madison General Ordinances to Update the Lead Water Service Line Replacement Ordinance.


Agenda Item 10

SUBSTITUTE - Seeking Common Council approval of the 2022-2023 Arts Grants awards funding and Artists at Work Grants awards funding as recommended by the Madison Arts Commission.

Note: The applicants and recommended grant funding from the Madison Arts Commission can be found here.


Agenda Item 12

Authorizing the Mayor, on behalf of the City of Madison, to execute a Section 106 Programmatic Agreement with the Wisconsin Historical Society's State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) to provide HUD-mandated environmental review-related services, in compliance with federal regulations at 36 CFR Part 800


Agenda Item 13

Approving the Amendment to the Project Plan for Tax Incremental District (TID) 36 (Capitol Gateway), City of Madison.


Agenda Item 21

Approving the Resource Recovery Special Charge Policy

Note: The Resource Recovery Special Charge has already been approved by Common Council. This item, related to Item 22 below, establishes the policies for which properties are charged, the apportionment methods, and how the annual charges are computed.


Agenda Item 22

Approving the 2022 Resource Recovery Special Charge

Note: The Resource Recovery Special Charge has already been approved by Common Council. This item establishes the dollar amounts of the charges for the remainder of 2022, starting on July 1. You can find those proposed monthly charges on an annual (or monthly) basis here.


Agenda Item 23

2022 Quarter 1 Program and Expenditure Report of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF)


Agenda Item 24

Overview of 2023 Capital Budget Agency Requests

Note: Budget requests submitted by each city agency can be found here.



Transportation Policy and Planning Board: Details

5:00pm, Monday, May 16, 2022


Item to be adjourned to May 31, 2022 meeting for Public Comment. No votes or Public Comment at May 16, 2022 meeting. 


Agenda Item 5

Adopting the Metro Network Redesign Plan

Note: See above - no votes or public comment on this item at the May 16 meeting.


Agenda Item 6

Amending RES-22-00065 supporting an application to WisDOT for Federal funding under the 2022-2026 Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) (Citywide) 


Agenda Item 7

Authorizing the Negotiation and Execution of a Contract with HNTB for Passenger Rail Study Services.


Agenda Item 8

Director's Report 5/16/2022

Note: The report can be found here.



Street Use Staff Commission: Details

10:00am, Tuesday, May 18, 2022


Agenda Item 5


Thu, July 14, 6am - Su, July 17, 2022, 7pm

Event hours:Thu, Fri & Sat - 9am-6pm, Sun - 10am-5pm

100-600 State Street, 200 Block N. Henry

Annual Sidewalk/Street Sale

Discuss locations, schedule, dates, setup

Greater State Street Business Association / Elizabeth Ganser



Economic Development Committee: Details

5:00pm, Wednesday, May 18, 2022




Agenda Item 3

Review and Discussion Regarding Draft Business District Support Program


Agenda Item 4

Equitable Economic Response and Recovery



Alcohol License Review Committee: Details

5:30pm, Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Changes of Agent


Agenda Item 44

Change of Agent

Segredo LLC • dba Liquid/Ruby • 624 University Ave

New Agent: Riley Gasiorowski

Class B Combination Liquor & Beer

Aldermanic District 2 (Alder Heck)


Change of Licensed Premise


Agenda Item 73

Change of Licensed Premise

The Mad Food Company LLC • dba Hawk's Bar & Grill

Current Capacity (in/out): 99/25 • Proposed Capacity (in/out): 99/25

425 State St • Agent: Hawk Sullivan

Class B Combination Liquor & Beer • 50% alcohol, 50% food

Aldermanic District 2 (Alder Heck) • Police Sector 403

Request to expand service outdoors to 25.


21+ Entertainment License


Agenda Item 76

21+ Entertainment License

Oasis Cafe LLC • dba Paul's Pelmeni • Capacity (in/out): 80/0

414 W Gilman St • Agent: Paul Schwaunen

Class B Combination Liquor & Beer • 30% alcohol, 70% food

Aldermanic District 2 (Alder Heck) • Police Sector 403


Report of Madison Police Department


Agenda Item 91

Summary of Recent Calls for Service



Madison Food Policy Council: Details

5:30pm, Wednesday, May 18, 2022




Agenda Item 2

SPECIAL PRESENTATION on the Dane Co Farmland Preservation Plan



Landlord and Tenant Issues Committee: Details

5:00pm, Thursday, May 19, 2022




Agenda Item 5

Retaliation complaint presentation with Equal Opportunities Division.


Agenda Item 6

Creating Section 32.11(10) of the Madison General Ordinances relating to prohibiting a rental agreement from requiring that a cat be declawed in order to be permitted as a pet in a rental property.


Agenda Item 7

Manufactured Home Lot Rentals - MGO 9.23


Agenda Item 8

Review and act on rent abatement ordinance changes


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