Updates & Week of Oct. 3 Meetings of Interest for District 2


District 2 Updates and Meetings of Interest


City meetings are mostly virtual with details listed in City Meetings of Interest below. Common Council meetings are hybrid so the public can attend in person or via Zoom.


Stay in touch with your neighbors through either Capitol Neighborhoods, Inc. or Campus Area Neighborhood Assoc.


There are three sections to this week's update:

  1. District 2 Updates
  2. COVID-19 Resources & Information 
  3. City Meetings of Interest to District 2






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The first of three in-person events: Design Challenge Kick-Off 

Monday, Oct. 3, 2022 @ 6:00 pm CT

Madison Central Library, Rooms 301-302, 201 W Mifflin St.

Design teams will live-stream to the event and introduce themselves and their team's unique perspective on master plan development.



Monkeypox Town Hall Flyer

Join Public Health on October 4 for a Monkeypox Virtual Town Hall

On Oct. 4 from 4-5pm Public Health will be hosting a panel of experts to answer monkeypox questions. There will be lots of time for you to confidentially ask a question. No registration is required and your name will not be visible to attendees.

Joining the Town Hall

Please click this link to join: https://bit.ly/mpx_townhall
Passcode: 660224
Or Telephone:
    Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):
        US: +1 312 626 6799  or 877 853 5257 (Toll Free)
Webinar ID: 856 3805 2945


Campus State St Garage Redevelompent

Campus Area Neighborhood Association Steering Committee Meets Thursday on Campus-State Street Parking Garage Proposal

The Campus Area Neighborhood Association (CANA) will be hosting their first Campus-State Street Garage Steering Committee Meeting on Thursday, Oct. 6th at 6:00pm. The virtual meeting will over Zoom and, according to CANA, they will have an open discussion about the project. The development team will not be in attendance for their first meeting. 

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 852 3517 3579
Passcode: 335048
Find your local number: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kdtNIkEz4q


The City's website for the project is here, including the Request for Proposals process and submittals that led to Mortenson Development being chosen as the developer. Mortenson proposes 9 floors of student-focused apartments above a new city-owned parking garage that will include a new intercity bus terminal. The existing parking garage along Lake Street will be demolished and replaced while the garage section to the east of Hawthorne Court will remain. Mortenson is proposing some beds of the approximately 700 total beds with reduced rents, but the amount of those reductions and the number of affected beds is still under negotiation with the city.

A presentation made by the City's Transportation Director, Tom Lynch, given to nearby stakeholders concerning concerns about pedestrian safety, vehicular and bus traffic/circulation, and other concerns can be found here. Materials from an informational presentation that the development team made to the Urban Design Commission on Sept. 7 can be found here


N Butler St Existing

Existing N. Butler Street Structures



N Butler St Proposal

Proposed N. Butler Street Building


N. Butler Street Redevelopment Proposal to Plan Commission on Oct. 24

This proposal by developers Reese Fisher and Blake Fisher is expected to be at Plan Commission on Oct. 24. The developers seek to demolish three existing apartment houses and combine those lots with another lot that is vacant in order to construct a new four-story building with 32 market rate apartments comprised of studios, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom units. The Downtown Residential-1 Zoning District in which this site is located allows a maximum building width of 60 feet, while the proposed width of the new building is approximately 100', hence the developers are asking for a rezoning to Downtown Residential-2 that does not limit building width. They also will need a Demolition Permit, Conditional Use Permit and Certified Survey Map approval.

The James Madison Park District of CNI has met once with the development team to discuss the proposal. I anticipate that they will be forming their feedback/input to the Plan Commission in early this month. I will publish more details on Plan Commission's upcoming consideration as we get closer to October 24.

Project plans and the development team's land use application can be found here. If you have any questions or input, please contact me at district2@cityofmadison.com.



Finance Committee Action on Capital Budget Amendments

On Sept. 28, the Finance Committee considered 10 amendments submitted by alders to the Mayor's 2023 Executive Capital Budget. Eight of those amendments passed the Finance Committee and will now automatically be considered for final approval by Common Council at our Nov. 15, 16, and possibly 17 budget meetings. Alders may also submit budget amendments for consideration after the Finance Committee's work is done; those amendments would also be considered at the November Council meetings. A description and disposition of all ten amendments can be found here.

Note that the Capital Budget provides funding for the City's major construction projects including building new facilities, improving our transit system, maintaining our roads and parks, and purchasing major equipment.

The Mayor's Executive Operating Budgets for 2023 will be released on Monday, Oct. 10 with the Finance Committee holding Oct. 17 and 18 public hearings on that budget. The Finance Committee's deliberations on any amendments to the Executive Operating Budget will occur on Oct. 31.

The Operating Budget provides money for running city departments and services. It pays for the day-to-day spending on employees, materials, and supplies. You can find a wealth of information on both the Capital and Operating Budgets at the Finance Department's budget website.


COVID Update


From Public Health Madison & Dane County:


Dane CORE - for rental and utility assistance. The Dane CORE 2.0 application portal, which temporarily closed on Sept. 15, will re-open at 12:00 am CST on Wednesday, Oct. 5 for persons interested in submitting new applications and additional funding requests (AFR's). Applications received prior to the Sept. 15 pause will continue to be processed without interruption and eligible claims will be paid. Anyone wishing to review the status of an application that has already been submitted to see if there are any open tasks and that all information is up to date should log into Neighborly.

Free COVID Tests at Home - It's still possible to get free at-home COVID tests mailed to you.

Visit the City's Coronavirus Website for Madison's COVID updates, responses and resources.

Dane County Food Pantry Network from Community Action Coalition.

State of Wisconsin COVID-19 resources and information from state agencies, including the State Dept. Public Health

Info on UW-Madison's response to the pandemic.



Below are some pertinent agenda items from city committees that are meeting this week. If you click on meeting "Details" below, you will find participation and viewing options, and a link to the full meeting agenda. If you click on an item from within an agenda, you will see all documents that relate to that item.


I appreciate hearing from you on any agenda items on which you have a particular interest or concern.



Plan Commission: Details

5:30pm, Monday, Oct. 3, 2022




Zoning Text Amendments


Agenda Item 5

Amending MGO Sec. 28.183(5)(a)6. to allow that the Plan Commission Secretary or District Alder may advise applicants to present at the Urban Design Commission prior to Plan Commission for a conditional use application.

Sponsors: Patrick W. Heck

From the Staff Memo:

– This amendment adds some efficiency to the conditional use process when Urban Design Commission (UDC) input could be helpful to the Plan Commission. The ordinance currently allows for the Plan Commission to refer a conditional use request to the UDC for an advisory recommendation on design. This change would allow the District Alder and Plan Commission Secretary to anticipate the need for a UDC advisory recommendation to the Plan Commission, and advise a conditional use applicant to present at UDC before the Plan Commission public hearing. This code change may provide some time savings for applicants.


Agenda Item 6

Amending Table 28L-2 in MGO Sec. 28.181 and amending MGO Sec. 28.206 to Increase Fees.

Sponsors: Patrick W. Heck

Fiscal Note
The proposed ordinance makes updates related to zoning variances including increased fees associated with variance applications, zoning certificates, and zoning letters. Fee changes are estimated to increase revenues by $17,000. These fees represent a General Fund revenue source.


Agenda Item 7

Amending sections of Chapter 28 to allow dwelling units in mixed-use buildings in certain residential districts.

Sponsors: Patrick W. Heck, Erik Paulson

From the Staff Memo:

– This amendment makes dwelling units in mixed-use buildings allowable within the SR-V1, SR-V2, TRV1, TR-V2, TR-U1, TR-U2, TR-P, DR1, and DR2 zoning districts. This change will allow non-residential uses that are already allowed within these districts (daycare centers, places of worship, schools, etc.) to be combined within the same building as dwelling units, where that number of dwelling units is already allowed. At this time, no changes to the permitted or conditional use status for non-residential uses is proposed, meaning that if a non-residential use is a permitted use in the zoning district today, it would remain a permitted use as part of a mixed-use building. If it requires conditional use review today, it would still require conditional use review if it were part of a mixed-use building. Uses not allowed in the underlying zoning districts would not be allowed within mixed-use buildings.


Agenda Item 8

Amending several sections of Chapter 28 of the Madison General Ordinances to create "Mission Boxes" as a permitted use in various districts.

Sponsors: Patrick W. Heck, Grant Foster

From the Staff Memo:

This amendment adds "mission boxes" as a new permitted use in all residential, mixed-use and commercial, downtown and urban, and employment zoning districts. Mission Boxes are structures that are used to provide free items to the public, including, but not limited to, books, food, clothing, and home goods. Mission boxes will be permitted setback encroachments in the front, side and rear yard setbacks. Supplemental regulations for mission boxes include limitations on size and structural limitations such as restrictions against impeding the right-of-way. 

Note: Mission boxes include Little Free Libraries, Little Free Pantries, etc. Currently, Little Free Libraries and related installations are technically not allowed in our zoning code. Zoning and Building Inspection consider them to be "beneath notice", so they have not been taking enforcement action against them. During the pandemic and otherwise, mission boxes proliferated and became important methods of providing mutual aid and related uses, so this ordinance will officially permit them to exist.




- Upcoming Matters – October 24, 2022

- 117-125 N Butler Street - DR1 to DR2, Demolition Permit, Conditional Use, and CSM Referral - Demolish three multi-family dwellings to construct four-story, 32-unit apartment building on one lot

Note: This item is in District 2. More information available above in "District 2 Updates"



City-County Homeless Issues Committee: Details

5:30pm, Monday, Oct. 3, 2022




Item 1

Affordable Housing Development Fund - Dane County: Presentation by Jenna Wuthrich 


Item 2

Affordable Housing Development Fund - City of Madison: Presentation by Linette Rhodes 


Item 3

Eviction Prevention CORE: Presentation by Ashley Ballweg and Linette Rhodes 


Item 4

CDBG - Dane County: Presentation by Joanna Cervantes




Item 1

2023 City of Madison and Dane County Budget Recommendation




Item 1

Men's Shelter Update


Item 2

Covid-19 Response Updates



Community Development Block Grant Committee: Details

5:00pm, Thursday, Oct. 6, 2022




Agenda Item 3

Extending the provision of on-site supportive services to users of the City's urban campground at 3202 Dairy Drive by Madison Area Care for the Homeless (MACH) Onehealth, Inc., and authorizing the City of Madison to execute a contract with MACH Onehealth, Inc., to perform those services, drawing on up to $260,000 of available Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act funds to help finance them.


Agenda Item 4

Approving the selection of Porchlight, Inc. as the operator of a new facility, to be constructed by the City, to provide emergency shelter and supportive services primarily to male-identifying persons in Madison and Dane County that experience homelessness, and to authorize the Mayor and City Clerk to enter into any agreements and contracts with Porchlight, Inc. necessary to fulfill that purpose.




Agenda Item 5

Presentations from Applicants in the 2022 Housing Forward: Financing for Homeownership RFP Process



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