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Alder Nasra Wehelie
District 7

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Contact Alder Nasra Wehelie

About Alder Wehelie

Nasra Wehelie and her family have been a resident of Madison District 7 for the past twenty-two years.  She has seen the district grow from a farm area to its current multifamily neighborhood as well as established and thriving businesses. Her and her husband raised four Children and instilled in them the desire to be successful in what they choose to pursue and served as their role models and life coach. Three of her four children are all University of Wisconsin graduate.

Nasra worked professionally in the non-profit sector for more than 15 years in various capacities. In her role as the Development Director at Just Dane, she learned in order to lead with empathy, one must have a thorough, personal understanding of what empathy means to the individuals served. In an increasingly polarizing world, empathy is at the cornerstone of solving complex issues in our society.

Nasra started  her own consulting business called Empathy 4 Equity LLC, which aims to develop strategies for building a "culture of empathy" within organizations to better connect employees and their communities. Her consulting business supports the deep alignment between individual and organizational aspiration and daily practices. Whether working on individual coaching,  leadership development, organizational change or transforming workplace culture, she combines  passion for social change with a practical results-orientation.

Nasra is committed  to serving her district and city at a higher capacity to make meaningful changes.  She has experience in strategies to organize individuals for collective action, as well as strategies of inclusive decision making to make sure all voices are heard. She is a leader who understands the issues at hand,  listens to the constituent's problems and advocates for them.  She is  a consensus builder who can reach out to others.

Nasra's  background as an immigrant, black, female and Muslim prepared her to find real and equitable solutions to problems big or small. She is someone who separates the facts from emotions and who can help others understand and appreciate that discussions are for the common good. As a collaborator, Nasra is excited to bring the following values to the District and her colleagues at the Common Council to make impact in the city of Madison.

Partnerships-- She believes developing strategic partnership to sustain relationships that leads to trust.

Empathy-- She believe our human capacity for empathy cultivates authentic and meaningful relationships and empowers collaboration.

Social Change--She is committed to understanding issues of power and privilege within ourselves and our communities, within our institutions and societal systems.


Master of Business Administration, Cardinal Stritch University

Bachelor of Arts, International Relations, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Black Power 2020: Wisconsin's 51 Most Influential Black Leaders
2020 Wisconsin Leadership Awards Community Choice Finalists- for the Woman of Excellence Award.
2018 Partners for Change Visionary Award
2017 AfricAID Trailblazers International Women Day
2017 Best Muslim Interscholastic Tournament Coach