Community Facility Support

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The Community Facilities Loan (CFL) Program provides low-cost financing to support non-residential development projects undertaken by non-profit organizations in the City of Madison who wish to acquire property or substantially expand, redevelop, improve or rehabilitate the property they currently own or lease.

The City’s objective is to create or improve safe, accessible, energy efficient and well-maintained community and neighborhood facilities. Community and neighborhood facilities provide a public benefit and serve as focal points in neighborhoods, helping to bring people together, build relationships and strengthen neighborhoods. Organizations utilizing the CFL program must operate or plan to operate neighborhood facilities that support programming and services intended primarily for low and moderate income households, or that otherwise benefit neighborhood residents in the City of Madison. For purposes of the CFL program, community facilities include, for example, neighborhood centers, non-profit-operated child care centers, space used for public-facing services or programming that primarily benefit low- and moderate-income residents, office or administrative space that supports such services and spaces intended primarily for community use within neighborhoods.

For more information please review the CFL Program Guidelines updated 11.11.2022

To apply please fill out the CFL Program Application

Please note: The CFL program has a budget of $1,500,000. Once funds are exhausted, applications will no longer be accepted. Applications are considered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Questions can be directed to or to Community Development Grants Supervisor, Linette Rhodes, at or 608-261-9240.

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