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Bake Sales on Public Property

Bake Sales in Downtown Madison

"Bake sales" (tables or stands where homemade baked goods are sold) regardless of the purpose, are not allowed on the streets, public sidewalks, or terraces of downtown Madison. Bakes sales cannot occur on the sidewalks downtown because this would be considered a type of "food vending" and food vending is carefully regulated on State Street, the Capitol Square and surrounding areas (Mall/Concourse Vending Area.) Only a licensed Mall/Concourse Food Vendor may sell food on the streets/sidewalks downtown, with the proper license, which is intended for permanent vendors operating from approved food carts.

Bake Sales in other parts of the City

A bake sale might be possible on public sidewalks or terraces in other parts of the City, with a "Basic" Street Vending license, and by following the guidelines of the health department:


Last Updated: 07/22/2015