Daily Reports

Incident Date Updated Date Incident Type Address
Accidental Home Fire Displaces Two, Nobody Injured Structure

Andover Circle
Madison, WI

Family Displaced After Early Morning Fire On W. Lakeside Street Structure

200 block Block West Lakeside Street
Madison, WI 53715

Downtown High Rise Evacuated Due to Carbon Monoxide Incident Carbon Monoxide

500 block W. Washington Avenue
Madison, WI

Carbon Monoxide Incident Discovered Thanks to Working Detector Located Next Door Carbon Monoxide

2400 block Parker Place
Madison, WI

Two Displaced, No One Injured, Following Accidental Home Fire Structure

2600 block Stevens Street
Madison, WI

Firefighters Credit Closed Bedroom Door, Working Smoke Alarm for Family's Escape From Cooking Fire Cooking

3700 block E. Karstens Drive
Madison, WI

Crews Respond to Structure Fire on N Frances St Structure

200 block N Frances St
Madison, WI 53703

Two People Rescued After Falling Through Thin Ice Lake Rescue

1300 block Burning Wood Way
Madison, WI

Alarm Uncovers Dangerous Carbon Monoxide Situation In Downtown Parking Garage Carbon Monoxide

400 block W. Gorham Street
Madison, WI

Firefighters Respond to Carbon Monoxide Alarm Carbon Monoxide

7300 block Whitacre Road
Madison, WI 53717

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