Fire Safety Guidance for Portable Outdoor Gas-Fired Heating Appliances

Locations of use – Appliances shall only be used outdoors and shall maintain a minimum clearance of 5 feet from: buildings, combustible decorations, overhangs, awnings, sunshades, etc.

Prohibited Locations – Appliances shall not be used nor stored inside any building while connected to the fuel source, inside tents, beneath canopies or other membrane structures.

Listing – Appliances shall be UL Listed (or equivalent) and used in accordance with the listing and manufacturers guidelines.

Tip-over Switch – Appliances shall have a tilt/tip-over switch that automatically shuts off gas flow if tilted more than 15 degrees from vertical.

Contact Guard – The heating element or combustion chamber shall be guarded to prevent accidental contact.

Gas Container Replacement – Shall not be conducted while the public is present.

Container Capacity – Individual containers shall not exceed 20 pounds.

Gas Container Storage – Gas containers shall not be stored indoors or below grade regardless of whether tanks are full or empty.

Orientation – Containers shall be positioned in an upright orientation to maintain the pressure relief valve in direct communication with the vapor space of the container.

Secure – Containers not in use shall be stored in a suitable enclosure or otherwise protected from excessive heat, physical damage, and tampering.

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