Sandbag Locations

March 2021 Update: Locations are open and stocked. Residents are advised to bring their own shovel to load sandbags.

Free sand and ready-to-fill bags are available to City residents, not contractors, at the following locations from (mid-April to late October):

  • Engineering Service Building: 1600 Emil Street
  • Olbrich Park Secondary Boat Launch Parking Lot: 3402 Atwood Avenue
  • Olin Park Parking Lot: 1156 Olin-Turville Court
  • Spring Harbor Park Parking Lot: 5417 Lake Mendota Drive
  • Tenney Park Beach Parking Lot: 1254 Sherman Avenue
  • Thut Park: 2630 Nana Way
  • Warner Park Beach Parking Lot: 1101 Woodward Drive
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