Lake Level Flooding From August 2018

Lake level flooding occurs when the entire Yahara chain of lakes system has more water flowing into it than can be moved through it. Lake levels are defined by DNR and implemented by Dane County.

If you sandbagged for lake level flooding in 2018:

  • Have plastic sheeting on hand; stores often run out when the region experiences large-scale flooding
  • Purchase a pump to pump out water that leaks through the sandbag barrier.
  • Create a plan to prevent sanitary sewer backups.
    • Install a backwater valve and do complete maintenance
    • Have a square of rubber sheeting and sandbags.
  • If your basement is older, you are at risk for groundwater flooding.
    • Install a sump pump and backup pump.
    • Fill cracks.
    • Purchase sump pump insurance.
    • Purchase sewer backup insurance.
    • See basement flooding guides.