If you receive a ticket or citation, you must enter your plea on or before your assigned court date. If you do not enter your plea, you will be found guilty.

You do not have to appear in court if you enter your plea on or before your court date.

​​​​​​Enter a Plea

You must notify the court in writing of any change of address that is different than what is listed on your citation.

Plea Options

Guilty or No Contest

  • If you plead Guilty, you admit you committed the violation.
  • If you plead No Contest, you declare you are neither guilty nor not guilty. You want to get the citation over with and pay the penalty. You will be found guilty, but this finding cannot be used against you as an admission of guilt if you appear in any other court action related to the charge. This is usually your fastest option, but it is final.

When you enter your plea, you can include any details you want the court to consider for sentencing purposes. The judge will review the police report, other reports about the case, and your prior record, and they will set the penalty. You cannot change your plea after the penalty is set.

Payment will be due in 90 days from your original court date. If you cannot pay immediately, you can request a payment plan.

If you pay for your citation in full before your assigned court date, it will be treated as a no contest plea.

Not Guilty

If you plead Not Guilty, you deny committing the violation charged against you.

The court will schedule a telephone pretrial conference with the City Attorney to discuss the case.

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