Discovery Requests

Make all requests for reports or other documents in writing to the City Attorney's Office. You can request them at your pretrial hearing or within 30 days using the Discovery Request Form.

If you have any questions, contact the Attorney's Office at:

  • Phone: (608) 266-4511
  • City Attorney's Office
    City-County Building
    210 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Room 401
    Madison, WI 53703-3345

Police Reports

You can request copies of the police reports to prepare for the trial.

The judge will not read the police report before the trial. Also, the judge can't read the report at the trial unless unless someone enters it as evidence. In some cases, the report may have hearsay problems, and it may not be allowed as evidence.

Witness List

You may also request a list of the witnesses the City intends to call at the trial. Usually the names listed on the police reports are the witnesses who may appear at the trial.

Photos, Maps, and Drawings

If the photos, maps, or drawings are relevant to the case, you may bring them to court. The person who created the documents must testify about when, where, and how they created them.

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