Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

The City of Madison Parking Utility announced today its intent to contract with Metric Parking Division, Metric Group, Inc. for multi-space parking meters. These meters will enhance the downtown experience by allowing parkers to pay by coin, credit and debit cards. The Madison business community strongly supports these meter improvements since it brings added convenience to their customers.

Mary Carbine, Executive Director of Madison's Central Business Improvement District (BID) says "These state-of-the-art parking meters that take credit and debit cards will make parking so much more convenient downtown! No more looking for quarters or worrying about a ticket because you don't have enough change. The business community is very pleased that we will be improving the parking experience for our downtown guests." Susan Schmitz, President of Downtown Madison, Inc. adds "Multi-space meters are not only a more efficient way for the parking utility to manage their meters but they are also just what the customers are looking for-convenience! No need to carry around bags of quarters. In fact, downtown customers don't even need to think about change. All they need is a credit or debit card."

Parking Operations Manager Bill Knobeloch reports that 100 multi-space meters will be purchased over the next three years replacing about 1,000 of the aging battery operated single-pole meters. The new meters will be mostly solar-powered, in keeping with the City's sustainability goals, which include increasing the use of renewable energy. The first 15 meters will be installed this year with 70 more next year. The proposed locations include: Doty Street, Pinckney Street, Main Street, Hamilton Street, Henry Street, Johnson Street, Mifflin Street, Wilson Street, and Buckeye Lot.

The award follows a lengthy review process including test meters at four locations in the downtown area. Six vendors responded to the RFP with various machine capabilities and costs. A pay-by-space operating system similar to the one in Milwaukee provides added convenience to users, who will not need to return to their vehicles to place a receipt on their dashboard. Motorists simply conduct a parking transaction at any meter for any stall using cash or plastic. A receipt is printed to remind drivers the time the meter expires. Future multi-space installations at off-street locations will allow for pay-by-cell recharging of meters.


  • Bill Knobeloch, Parking Operations Manager, 608-266-4761