1. Check Your Eligibility

    Find your neighborhood on the Residential Parking Areas map. Make sure your residence is eligible - ineligible addresses are highlighted in purple. You can also check the list of ineligible addresses.

    Your vehicle must be properly registered.

    Receipt of payment does not guarantee permit eligibility. If you are ineligible, your application will be closed and you will be notified by email that you are ineligible. Your payment will be automatically refunded.

  2. Apply or Renew


    You will need:

    • Proof of Residence
    • $28.00 fee (Fees are not prorated)
    • Driver’s license
    • Vehicle registration

    In Person

    Bring Proof of Residence, your driver’s license, and your vehicle registration to the Parking Utility Office. Application forms will be provided.

    By Mail

    If you prefer to send your application in the mail, please include a completed Application Form, a self-addressed, stamped business size envelope, and Proof of Residence to the Parking Utility Office. Do not send original copies of proof of residence, as documents will not be returned. If mailed, the $28.00 fee must be paid in the form of a check or money order made payable to the “City Treasurer”. Please do not mail cash.


    Once you have setup an account in the online portal, you will have the added benefits of seeing a history of applications, access to invoices and receipts, checking on the status of pending activities, and more. If you applied with a paper application last year, you will need to create an account as a "new user" to apply online, as paper applications are not linked with that portal.

    Please note: Each permit year requires a new application since address/vehicle information often changes, regardless of permit status from previous year.

  3. Place Permit on Vehicle

    Please allow up to two weeks from the date your application was submitted for delivery of your permit by mail.

    The permit must be placed on the inside windshield of your car on the driver’s side. Motorcycle permits should be placed on the fork.

Keep In Mind

Outstanding Citations

Any parking citations received by the applicant are the responsibility of the applicant and must be paid or set for a court date before the permit can be mailed or affixed to the windshield. If you have questions about the status of parking tickets, look-up tickets by your license plate number or call the Madison Police Department at (608) 266-4170. If you pay your tickets online shortly before you are applying for a parking permit in person, you must provide a copy of your confirmation email or receipt as proof of payment.

Current Vehicle Registration

  • Madison Residents: the vehicle must be registered to the permit address. To change your registration to your permanent address, update online or call the WI Department of Transportation at (608) 266-2353.
  • Temporary Madison Residents (such as a student or short-term contract employee): the vehicle may be registered to your permanent address in a different state or a different city in WI.
  • The vehicle for which you are requesting a permit must be owned by you, your child, your parents/step parents, legal guardian, spouse or registered domestic partner, or be a leased or company vehicle which is assigned to you. If it is a company vehicle, a letter (on company letterhead) stating that you are the assigned driver of the vehicle is required. If you already have a permit, see information on eligibility for multiple permits.
  • Your vehicle must not be registered as weighing more than 10,000 lbs.

Proof of Residence

Provide Proof of Residence in one of the following ways:

  • The address on your Vehicle Registration and Driver’s license matches the address for which you are requesting a permit.
  • Submit a copy of a current lease or sublease which includes the current lease term dates, the property address, your name listed as a tenant, and the signatures of both you and the landlord.
  • If you are a homeowner, either your address must be available through the City Assessor’s Property Lookup, or you must submit proof of your address by submitting a property tax bill or a photocopy of both your driver’s license and vehicle registration that have the address.
  • Submit a notarized Property Owner Affidavit.