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Questions You Will Be Asked When Making A Reservation

  1. What's your name, address, email and phone number?
  2. What is the date & hours of use of the shelter?
  3. Will you have amplified sound?
  4. Will there be a temporary structure: tent, stage, inflatable?
  5. What type of event is this: wedding, reunion?
  6. Will you be selling anything in the park?
  7. Will you have alcohol at your event? Some shelters require an alcohol permit.
  8. Will you need parking passes? If yes, how many? (Only applies to Brittingham, Vilas, Olin, & Gates of Heaven.)
  9. What form of payment will you be using? We accept CASH, CHECK (Made out to "City Treasurer") or Credit Card (MasterCard or Visa-number and expiration date). Payment in full is required when the reservation is made.
  10. How many guests are you expecting to attend?
  11. What would you like the reservation sign at the shelter to read (example: Family Reunion, Smith Wedding, etc.)?