Crash/Accident Reports

The Madison Police Department no longer maintains a database of State of Wisconsin DT4000 crash/accident reports and no longer provides copies of completed State crash/accident report forms to requestors.

Requestors of this form are advised to contact the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation Crash/Accident Records Unit, where they may request a copy of a report.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Crash Records Unit

4822 Madison Yards Way, 9th Floor South
Madison, WI 53705
Phone: (608) 266-8753
Fax: (608) 261-8201
Website: Wisconsin Department of Transportation Crash Reports

Requestors may also request a copy of the completed DT4000 form on the Wisconsin Department of Transportation website. All DT4000 accident reports completed by Madison Police Department officers will be available from the Department of Transportation Crash Records Unit when they are complete, generally seven to ten days after incident. Requests can be made at Wisconsin Department of Transportation Crash Reports.

Although completed DT4000 crash/accident forms will no longer be available, the Madison Police Department will continue to maintain, and provide upon request, completed, non-reportable crash/accident forms. Certain other crash/accident related records, including traffic citations, supplemental crash reports, and photographs, if any were taken, will continue to be available. The fee for these documents is $.25/printed page, $3/5x7 photo, $6/8x10 photo, $15/CD of photos. To request any of these records, please contact the Records Bureau at (608) 266-4075.