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Crash/Accident Reports

The Madison Police Department no longer maintains a database of State of Wisconsin DT4000 crash (accident) reports and no longer provides copies of completed State crash/accident report forms to requestors. To get a copy please follow the below listed instructions.

DT4000 Crash Report Information

Requestors of the completed form (DT4000) are advised to contact the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation Crash/Accident Records Unit, where they may request a copy of a report, which can be done over the phone or through the website listed below. All DT4000 crash reports completed by City of Madison Police Department officers will be available from the Department of Transportation Crash Records Unit when they are complete, which is generally 7-10 business days after the incident.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Crash Records Unit

Phone: (608) 266-8753
Website: Wisconsin Department of Transportation Crash Reports

Non-Reportable Crash Report Information

The Madison Police Department will continue to maintain, and provide upon request, completed, non-reportable crash forms. If you want to request of copy of this report or have any questions regarding your crash report, please call (608) 261-8015 or email

If the report you are requesting will be used for insurance purposes, please fill out and attach the form below to your request:

Self-Report: Report an Accident Involving a Motor Vehicle

The Madison Police Department does not accept self-reported crashes. Please use the link below to file a report through the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

Report an Accident involving a Motor Vehicle

Miscellaneous Crash Report Information

Certain other crash/accident related records may be available and can be requested. These may include: traffic citations, supplemental crash reports, and media, if any are available. There may be fees associated with this type of records request. To request any of these records, please contact the Records Unit at (608) 266-4075 or through email at: