K9 Unit

K9 Unit

The Madison Police Department's K9 unit is comprised of six dogs. All of the dogs are dual-purpose dogs, trained in both narcotics detection and patrol work (building searches, tracking, etc). Five of the dogs are assigned to patrol services, and one is assigned to the West District Community Policing Team.

April 25, 2016 11:24 AM

Officer Baumgart and I continued our training this last week with our K9 partners, Allied and Carl, respectively.  We continue to progress in our training.  Our training week began with searching in a working jail.  We both did searches, Carl and I searching for explosives, and … [read more]

April 12, 2016 7:46 PM

Officer Baumgart and I continue to progress in our training with K9 Allied and K9 Carl.  As I've mentioned, the training continues to build for both the handlers and the dogs.  Much progress was made this week and there is much more to learn!  I'm not sure exactly what the … [read more]

April 6, 2016 6:02 AM

Our second week of training continued to build on the foundation of the first week of training.  In addition to the obedience and searches (explosives and narcotics), we began tracking people. Carl and Allied (and their handlers) had a busy week. To give you some examples of these … [read more]

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K9 Unit K9 Unit The department's K9 teams provide a great service to the community, tracking missing persons, apprehending suspects and locating evidence. They allow patrol officers to work in a safer and more efficient manner and perform functions that human officers are simply unable to do. For example, officers searching a building—without the benefit of a K9 team—will take much longer to perform the search (and will be exposed to greater risk). Performing a building search with a K9 team will enable to the search to be performed in much less time, increasing efficiency (freeing up officers for other calls/duties) and decreasing risk to officers. The K9 teams have tracked (and located) missing persons, apprehended dangerous suspects, and been responsible for the removal of a significant amount of illegal drugs and weapons from the community.

K9 Unit All the costs of the patrol K9 teams (except for officer salaries) are provided by community donations. A non-profit organization - Capital K9's - staffed by community volunteers raises funds to support the unit.

The Madison Police Department thanks the following for their support of the K9 unit:

Capital K9s
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