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Application for Bicycle Donation

Section 12.761(4) of the Madison General Ordinance allows for donation of bicycles to charitable non-profit organizations. When abandoned bicycles are not returned to the owner or sold, the City of Madison Police Department will donate abandoned bicycles to qualified organizations.

  1. Bicycles shall be held by the Madison Police Department Property Section for 45 days before being considered for donation.
  2. All requests for bicycle donations must be made with the Bicycle Donation Application Form which is to be reviewed by the Police Property Supervisor and the Captain of Specialized Services-Property. The Police Property Supervisor will notify all requesters of the approval/denial of their requests within 10 business days. If approved, the Police Bicycle Recovery Specialist will be in contact with the requester to schedule a pick-up date and time for the requested bicycles.
  3. Requests should be made at least 30 days in advance from when the organization would like to receive the bicycles.
  4. Donations shall be limited to charitable non-profit organizations. Such organizations must provide proof of their non-profit government status, (subsequent applications may reference these materials as "on file" with the Police Property Room) and assurances that the bicycles will be used as part of a charitable program sponsored by the organization.
  5. Bicycles shall only be for the use of clients of requesting organizations and not for the employees or directors of such organizations. Bicycles may not be sold to raise revenue for any purpose. By accepting a bicycle under this program, the applicant grants permission to the City of Madison Police Department to audit its use of said bicycles in accordance with these guidelines.
  6. Organizations wishing to request an ongoing supply of bicycles are required to submit a separate request on each occasion when a donation is desired. Bicycle donations are subject to availability, as determined by the Police Department. Organizations may receive no more than 20 bicycles at one time. Once all requests have been filled then an organization may receive additional bicycles.
  7. Organizations receiving donated bicycles must sign a liability waiver and provide for the removal of the bicycles.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Property Room at (608) 266-4955 or email.