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Property Room and Property Auction

The mission of the Property and Evidence Section is to provide accurate, secure and efficient storage of police property and evidence while providing superior customer service to the department's internal and external clients.

If a community member's property finds its way into police custody without their knowledge, the Property will make a good faith effort to identify and notify the owner in writing. If the owner is incarcerated and their property is taken for safekeeping, the owner is given a Prisoner Property Safekeeping Agreement by the arresting officer that informs them of where their property is being kept and notifies them that they must make arrangements to have it removed within thirty days. In some cases where an owner advises that they cannot retrieve their property within thirty days, the Property may extend the duration of safekeeping.

Picking up Property


  • You need to contact the Property Room at (608) 266-4955 to set-up a date and time to pick up your property.
  • Some items of property will require special handling instructions.
  • Picture identification is required in all circumstances.

Impounded Vehicles

Impounded vehicles must be picked up at Schmidt's Towing, 1621 Beld Street, Madison, WI 53715. Release Authorization may be required prior to vehicle pick-up. For additional information contact Court Services at (608) 266-4170.

Online Police Property Auction

The Madison Police Department has changed the auction format of abandoned and unclaimed property. Beginning October 1, 2009, MPD has contracted with an online police auction site that will post abandoned and unclaimed property from the City of Madison Police along with similar property from police agencies across the country. Please visit Online Police Property Auction periodically to view the auction.