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Technology Services

The mission of the Technology Section of the Madison Police Department is to provide administrative support for all members of the department in order to best accomplish the department's mission of providing high quality police services. The Technology Section will process internal technology requests in a timely manner.

The Madison Police Department has undergone a significant technological transformation in the past decade in order to meet the needs of the public in an ever-changing, computer-driven world. The Technology Section is responsible for operations, maintenance and support of all systems and applications centric to the Madison Police Department. Additionally, the section provides services in research, acquisition, and testing of new and potential technology applications.

To promote the exchange of information and intelligence between multiple law enforcement agencies in Dane County, the Madison Police Department hosts a Regional Records Management System. This regional project brings together twelve police departments into a regional data sharing system, from which each department has shared access to the information and data collected by the participating agencies. This project continues to assess new systems and potential agencies to serve to expand upon the goals of information sharing and collaboration.