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Filming and Photo Shoots in Madison Parks

Commercial Filming and Photo Shoot Permit

A commercial shoot is filming or photography by a person, business, or other entity for a market audience with the intent of generating income. A Commercial Shoot permit is required for this type of activity in a City of Madison Park.

Non-Commercial Filming/Photo Shoots may Require a Permit

A permit may be necessary to manage the activity to protect park resources and assets, and to minimize disputes between user groups or to ensure public safety. Examples of non-commercial shoots include, but are not limited to, shoots for tourism bureaus, convention and visitor bureaus, and student shoots.

Reasons a permit may be necessary for a non-commercial filming/photography shoot

  • The shoot is taking place in a reservable park space (shelter or athletic field).
  • There is setup with temporary structures for the shoot (tent, stage, portable toilets, etc.).
  • There will be amplification during the shoot.

Commercial and non-commercial filming/photography shoots must adhere to the following general Madison Parks rules. Requesting activity that does not follow one of these rules will require special approval.

  • No glass containers are permitted in the park.
  • No driving or parking of vehicles on grass.
  • No permanent marking of the parking lots, paths, sidewalks or streets is allowed. Chalk may be used, but not spray paint, spray chalk, or stickers.


  • Commercial Shoot Park Application: MS Word | PDF

Please submit the Commercial Shoot Park application at If you have questions about the permit or if you want to check on the availability of a park, you may contact the Community Events Assistant at, (608) 264-9289.

Fees for Commercial Shoots

  • $250 – Full Day / $200 – Half-day fees due before the shoot.
  • If renting a shelter for the shoot, there will be shelter fees also.
  • There are additional fees if your shoot requires other permits (amplification or temporary structures).
  • The permit holder will be responsible for any city resources required for damage remediation or cleanup after the commercial shoot.

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