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Classes in Parks Permit

The Classes in Parks Permit is for organizations looking to host a daily, weekly, or monthly class in a Madison Park.  Classes that are advertised as being in a Madison Park are required to get this permit, regardless if they are free or fee-based.

Classes in Parks Guidelines

  • There can be no vending (money exchanging hands) in the park. Classes must be prepaid or donations only.
  • There can be no temporary structure permits issued for classes in Madison Parks.
  • No equipment or storage boxes are allowed in Madison Parks when the class is not in session or left overnight.
  • The class must utilize open space in the park. Prior approval from the Parks Division is required to use shelters or athletic fields. There may be additional fees for these uses.
  • The area used for the class must be cleaned and returned to its original condition.
  • Classes may not interfere with any shelter reservations, athletic field/court reservations or permitted special events.
  • Signs pertaining to the class are only allowed during the class. Signs cannot remain in the park when class is not in session.
  • A small speaker may be used for amplification during the class. The amplification must be background level and not loud enough to impact other park users, reservations, or the surrounding neighborhood

Application & Fee Schedule

Submit the Classes in Parks Permit Application by email or mail:



    Parks Division
    Attn: Special Events
    330 E. Lakeside St.
    Madison, WI 53715

Quetions?, (608) 266-6033.