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Community Events On Madison Streets

Street Use Staff Commission

Staff from the following agencies and departments will be present at the Street Use Meeting to review the application, verify information, answer event organizer questions, determine appropriate conditions for the event and provide necessary assistance to facilitate the operation of the event should the application be approved.

  • Capitol Police – determine whether events require use of State Capitol grounds and inform applicant/sponsor of "State Facility Use Permit" rules and guidelines.
  • City Engineering – advise of construction projects in event area and/or on proposed routes.
  • Economic Development (Street Vending) – reviews event layout and logistics to determine if any licensed city street vendors are impacted by an event and works to address vendor relocations. Assist event organizers in connecting with licensed city vendors to participate in their events.
  • Fire - evaluate events for adherence to fire and safety requirements.
  • Madison Police – evaluate and recommend appropriate safety and security requirements for events. Special Duty Officers may be required for large events or when alcohol is served. Work with Traffic Engineering and organizer to develop acceptable traffic management plan for events that have significant impact on City streets.
  • Mall Maintenance – determine if event requires equipment rental and ensure post-event clean up is properly planned for by the event organizer.
  • Metro – review and evaluate the number and location of bus routes affected by an event and recommends Metro detours and/or requirements for events to accommodate routes.
  • Parking Utility – determine number and location of parking areas affected by event. Provide equipment and direction to facilitate parking requirements for event.
  • Parks – chair and administer Street Use Staff Commission meetings. Review applications and advise applicant/sponsor of requirements for event activities and location. Provide administrative assistance to sponsors and staff throughout the application and event process.
  • Risk Management – determines insurance requirements for an event, dependent on the risk level associated with the event.
  • Streets – review street conditions and sanitation, including recycling, needs for events.
  • Traffic Engineering – review the location of street closing(s) and determines barricading, signage, detour and parking requirements for events. Work with Police and organizer to develop acceptable traffic management plan for events that have significant impact on City streets.

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