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The drop-off site at 1501 W. Badger Rd closed on March 25, 2022.

This location will no longer house a drop-off site.  The office is open for customer service needs - but it is no longer open as a drop-off site.

Residents need to use other drop-off sites.

This is the Badger Rd drop-off site closed sign.  It's 12 feet long. Can't miss it.

Why is the badger rd drop-off site closed?

A construction project to demolish and then replace the existing salt storage facilities at 1501 W. Badger Rd began in April 2023.

The new salt storage facilities being built will be larger than the previous ones.

The new building will make it impossible to host a drop-off facility at this location.


The badger rd resident services office is still open

The west side resident services office at Badger Rd will remain open. 

Residents can still purchase recycling fee stickers, collect a Recyclopedia, and other services from the office. 

It will not be affected by the closing of the drop-off site.


drop-off services at 402 south point rd

Instead of 1501 W. Badger Rd, the west side drop-off site is located at 402 South Point Rd for 2023

This site will be far more convenient for many west side residents, especially those who live west of S. Whitney Way.


Plan Ahead for Sticker Sales

There will be no customer service support at this location. The west side customer service office will remain at 1501 W. Badger Rd.

If you intend on dropping off an item that requires a fee, please purchase the fee sticker in advance by using the work order system or by calling our offices to make the purchase over the phone.

Items requiring a sticker must have one stuck to it before they will be accepted.


Olin Ave drop-off site location

Information about the Olin Avenue Drop-off Site

This will be an additional drop-off site, meaning the city will have three sites for a time - one at South Point, one at Sycamore, and this one at Olin Avenue.

The East Olin Avenue drop-off site will have the same drop-off opportunities available at the other locations.

This site will have special limited hours

Early entry to the drop-off portion of the site will not be permitted. You must follow the posted entry time rules.


No Fee Sticker Sales at 121 E. Olin Ave

Residents will not be able to purchase stickers to drop off items requiring a fee in person at 121 E. Olin Avenue.

Sticker sales can be completed at the Streets Division office at 1501 W. Badger Rd. during normal office hours.

You can also purchase the fee sticker in advance by using the work order system or by calling our offices to make the purchase over the phone. The sticker will be mailed to you after the online or phone purchase.

Items requiring a sticker must have one stuck to it before they will be accepted.


Safety Considerations for Temporary Drop-off Site

  • You must obey the posted signs on when the drop-off site is available. 
  • You must stay in the specified drop-off site area.
  • The temporary drop-off site is also the location of the brush processing and waste transfer facility.
  • Drop-off site hours do not overlap with the brush processing and waste receiving work. This will minimize traffic and maximize safety.


Site Not Be Open for the Winter

The site at 121 E. Olin Ave. closed for the winter season at the end of business on Sunday, November 26, 2023.


sycamore ave. drop-off services will not be affected

The east side drop-off site at 4602 Sycamore Ave. will not be disturbed by the construction project.

All city residents are welcome to use the Sycamore Ave. location during the posted hours.


drop-off site restrictions will still apply

All drop-off site rules, procedures, and fees will still apply at the South Point Rd and temporary Olin Ave locations. .

For more information about these rules, visit the drop-off sites page.


What's the future for the drop-off site locations?

The Badger Rd site will not return.  This much is certain.

Beyond that, west side drop-off site locations will remain in flux as many things related to budgets and other construction projects will determine what drop-off services will be available and where.

The east side drop-off site at 4602 Sycamore will be largely unaffected by any changes to west side operations.

Residents are strongly recommended to subscribe to news updates from the City of Madison to be sure they stay aware of any changes as they are announced. 

Also, the drop-off site webpage will be kept current so it is always a good idea to check that site before loading your car to be sure the site you wish to use is open.

You can also contact the Streets Division office that services your home to learn about drop-off site statuses.


Project progress

Before demolition:

This is a picture of the Badger Rd salt barn and dome before it was torn down.


And this is what the facility looked like in early May 2023:

This is where the barn and dome were located. It's not an empty space on its way for construction.


Here's a photo from early June 2023. Photo was taken from a tiny bit closer, holding the phone just inside the fence barrier.

This is a photo of the construction progress of the salt facilities at 1501 W. Badger Rd.  There's concrete footings in place, and stacks of wooden beams waiting to be stood up.

Here's the July 2023 update .  Big leap in progress!  Walls are going up!

New salt barn construction update. The wall studs are going up. They are rising high from concrete footings.


Here's the August 2023 update.  We have a roof.

This is the new salt building. It has a wooden roof and all wooden walls. It stands well over 30 feet tall. The floors inside are unfinished and remain dirt.


Here's the September 2023 update photo.  We're getting closer, though it is hard to tell in this photo.  Most of the work now is being done on top of the roof by adding shingles and pouring the floor.

This is another snapshot of the under construction salt storage facility. The interior is closer to finished as the floor and walls are nearing completion. Markings on the wall note how full salt can be piled.   The structure has a concrete base and wooden sides and a roof.  It has a wooden crosshatch design across the front and side and two large openings for trucks.


Late October 2023

The siding is mostly up, but still missing some pieces. Everything is coming together slowly but surely.  The facility will be ready for winter.

October update photo of the salt and sand storage facility in progress. still missing some siding and the doors but the building is mostly up


Late December 2023

The building is all but complete.  There was some delays on the roof and the doors, but these finishing touches are being worked on right now.  But this is basically it's finished state!

Salt and sand storage facility at Badger Rd that is nearly completed.