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election begins now

You can now vote on the finalists to name the electric compactors.

Your last day to vote is July 5, 2022.

Here is a link to the website to cast your vote.

You will be ranking the top five names for each compactor from the finalists on the page.  Further explanation of how the vote will work is explained on the election website.

Here are the candidates:

Trash Compactor Names
Recycling Compactor Names

Rosie the Rubbisher

Lin Manuel Squaranda

Crush Farley

Flatten Oswalt

Squashbob Trashpants



Sir Crushalot

Alexander Cramilton

George Squashington
Trashy McTrashface

Recycly Recyclerson

General George S. Flatten

Crushin' Bob Laflatten

Compressor X



(Shut Up, Wesley!) Crusher

Bill S. PressTrash, Esquire

CompacTed Theodore Logan

Smashley Simpson

Compressica Simpson

Debris Larson

The Comingler

Squarin' Rodgers

Princess Press

The Crusher

Stone Cold Squeeze Often

Harry Squasher

Ron Squeezely


Why the compactors matter

While compactors may not be a headline-grabbing contribution to fighting emissions, this change has a significant impact.

By changing to electric compactors, the Streets Division will be saving 8 gallons of diesel fuel for every hour the drop-off sites are open.

This means in just one week, the electric compactors will save 356 gallons of diesel at the Sycamore drop-off site and preventing 8,000 pounds of C02 from being emitted.


meet the compactors

Both compactors are in use at our drop-off site at 4602 Sycamore Ave.


The below tan compactor is used for trash:

Tan compactor for trash.  But it has no name.  Any ideas?


Here is the green recycling compactor used for recycling.

Here's the green compactor for recycling. Does important work - but what should we name it?

Name reveal?

Once the election ends on July 5, and the votes tallied, a special naming reveal ceremony will be held at the Sycamore Avenue drop-off site. More details will be available later.