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No rain barrels are available at this sale.  It is only for compost bins and also diverter kits to make your own rain barrel.

2021 sale information

Date: October 23, 2021 at the Garver Feed Mill

Event time:   8am - 12pm

Orders must be received before October 23!


How to order your compost bin or diverter kit

The website you need for the pre-order is


Sale location

The Garver Feed Mill is located at 3241 Garver Green, off S. Fair Oaks Ave near Starkweather Creek.

Information regarding traffic flow and how to pick-up your compost bin or diverter kit will be provided after your pre-order.


items for sale


Single Rain Barrel Diverter System (barrel not included)

Picture of a Rain Reserve diverter kit for a single rain barrel


Double Rain Barrel Diverter System (double capacity - barrels not included)

Double capacity diverter kit for rain barrels (barrels not included)


65 Gallon Compost Bin

Picture of the compost bin available by Rain Reserve



Rain barrels themselves are unavailable at this sale due to a material shortage.

Any questions regarding the items purchased from previous sales, or questions about materials for this sale, should be directed to Rain Reserve.

Rain Reserve