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Dane County operates a disposal site for household hazardous waste called Clean Sweep. This is where you should take all your hazardous, flammable, and combustible household chemicals. This includes paints, stains, insecticide, old unusable gasoline, and any other product or chemical that could be dangerous when incorrectly disposed.

Before you purchase any potentially hazardous substance, check our list of safe alternatives. Please consider these alternatives because the best way to handle toxic material is to eliminate their use.

If you find that these alternatives do not work remember to only buy enough product to do the job. Buying hazardous material in large quantities is generally more wasteful and not as cost effective as buying what you need to do the job. You can also come to the Clean Sweep site and see if we have any products on hand that will do the job. At the Clean Sweep Product Exchange we have many household chemicals available.

liquid paint & Non-Latex paint

If the paint is still liquid or any type of paint that is not latex, you must to take it to Dane County Clean Sweep.

Also, if you aren't sure if the paint is latex or not, take it to Dane County Clean Sweep.

Be sure to check their site to learn about potential usage fees.

dried latex paint

If you have latex paint that is completely dried solid, you can be place that into the refuse container.

If you can remove the solidifed paint from the can, you can place just the solids into the refuse container and then place the empty paint can into the recycling.

The latex paint must be completely solid before placing it into the refuse cart. Liquid paint could spill into the street or leak from trucks.

How to Dry Your Latex Paint:

You can purchase paint hardener at most local hardware stores (or online) and mix that into the latex paint. You can also use kitty litter.

After mixing in the hardener or litter, leave the lid off the latex paint can until it dries solid.

This works best if you only have a small amount of latex paint. If you have more than a half-gallon of liquid latex paint, it is best to take it to Dane County Clean Sweep and it could be used in the Product Exchange Program.


Clean Sweep is located at the Dane County Landfill 7102 U.S. Highway 12, 53718. (From the Beltline head east towards Cambridge. It's across Highway 12/18 from the Yahara Hills Golf Course)
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