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The Streets Division is responsible for the repair of curb or terrace damage caused by snow plowing or leaf collection.

The "terrace" is the portion of city right-of-way between the sidewalk and the street.

Terraces are repaired by filling the damaged areas with dirt, applying grass seed, and in most cases, laying biodegradable erosion control matting over the impacted area.

To report one of these problems, you must call the Streets Division that services your address or use the Report-a-Problem website:

  • West side residents (meaning you live west of S. Park Street): 608-266-4681.
  • East side residents (meaning you live east of S. Park Street, including the isthmus): 608-246-4532.
  • Report a Problem: General Feedback - Please state that it is for Curb & Terrace Damage
Snow Plow Updates