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For the winter of 2020/2021, the Streets Division will reduce the overall length of the salt route network by roughly 7% total.  In other words, approximately 65 miles of Madison streets that had been salted in winter's past will not be salted for this winter.

Salt has terrible side effects on our environment. While it helps make our roads clear from snow, it ends up in our waterways, including our drinking water. By contracting the salt routes, we expect to save just under 15 tons of salt per storm. By winter's end, this could mean hundreds of tons of salt kept off Madison roads. And this means hundreds of tons of salt kept out of our water.

Where the salt routes will be reduced can be found below.


Why were the changes made?

The Streets Division reviewed all of the roads that receive salt this fall and found areas where salt use could be curtailed. We found some places where we could temporarily hold off on applying salt, and we also found places that we could permanently remove from the salt route network of streets.


Temporary Removals - Madison Metro School District (MMSD)

Since Madison's public schools are virtual only until at least the middle of January, this means the streets around the schools will be not be used by parents dropping off or picking up their children or driven on by school buses. Therefore, these streets will not be salted.  Once school resumes in-person instruction, these roads will be salted again.

Temporary Removals - Metro Bus Routes

Madison Metro adjusted their routes temporarily in response to the pandemic. If Madison Metro uses a street for their buses, it becomes part of the salt route network. With their service reduced, that means certain streets will not need to be salted for the buses. However, once Metro service returns to these roads, they will once again be treated like a salt route.

Permanent Removals

In reviewing the salt routes this year, we located areas that no longer meet the criteria to be a salt route. These segments of roads have been removed from the salt routes permanently.


What will happen with the streets that were salt routes before but aren't now?

All of the streets removed from the salt route designation will be treated like other residential streets. They will be plowed when three or more inches of snow has accumulated on the roads and the storm is at or near its end. And since they will not be salted, these areas are likely to be snow-covered throughout the winter.

You can read up more about about the differences between salt routes and residential streets on the City's Winter website.


changes to the salt routes

Salt route changes are organized by aldermanic district and they are divided up into three categories: Temporary (Metro), Temporary (MMSD), and Permanent.


District 1 - Alder Harrington-McKinney

  • Temporary (MMSD)
    • Ancient Oak Lane from Lone Oak Rd to Redan Dr
  • Permanent
    • Welton Drive from New Washburn Way to S. High Point Rd
      • Intersection of Welton and New Washburn will be sanded


District 2 - Alder Heck

No changes.


District 3- Alder Lemmer

  • Temporary (Metro)
    • Amnicon Trail from County Highway BB to Wyalusing Dr
    • Wyalusing Drive from Amnicon Trl to Milwaukee Street
    • Milwaukee Street from Wyalusing Dr to Sprecher Rd
  • Temporary (MMSD)
    • Agate Lane from Meadowlark Dr to Acewood Blvd
  • Permanent
    • Neptune Court from Atlas Ave to Robertson Rd
    • Robertson Rd/Argosy Ct from Neptune Ct to Atlas Ave
    • Sharpsburg Drive from North Star Dr to Sprecher Rd
    • Wyalusing Drive from Sprecher Rd to Amnicon Trl
    • Dominion Drive from Sprecher Rd to Wyalusing Dr


District 4 - Alder Verveer


  • West Main Street from Proudfit St to S. Bedford St


District 5 - Alder Bidar

  • Permanent
    • Owen Parkway/Regent Street from Larkin St to Hillcrest Dr


District 6 - Alder Rummel

  • Temporary (Metro)
    • South Baldwin Street from Jenifer St to Spaight St
    • Spaight Street from S. Baldwin St to Rogers St
    • Rogers Street from Spaight St to Rutledge St
    • Rutledge Street from Rogers St to Oakridge Ave
  • Temporary (MMSD)
    • Maple Avenue from Atwood Ave to Oakridge Ave
  • Permanent
    • Oak Street from E. Washington Ave to Milwaukee St
    • Division Street from Lafollete Ave to Atwood Ave


District 7- Alder Wehelie

  • Temporary (Metro)
    • Westin Drive from Maple Grove Rd to Manchester Way
  • Permanent
    • Stratton Way from McKee Rd to Interlaken Pass
      • Intersection of Stratton and McKee will be sanded
    • Silverton Trail from McKee Rd to Muir Field Rd


District 8 - Alder Prestigiacomo

  • No changes


District 9 - Alder Skidmore

  • Permanent
    • Timber Wolf Trail from Settlers Rd to Swallowtail Dr
    • Farmington Way from Old Sauk Rd to N. Westfield Rd
    • Tree Lane from S. High Point Rd to Mineral Point Rd


District 10 - Alder Henak

  • Temporary (Metro)
    • Mohawk Drive from Whenona Way to Nakoma Dr
  • Temporary (MMSD)
    • Russett Road from Whitney Way to Gilbert Rd
    • Cherokee Drive from S. Midvale Blvd to Nakoma Rd
  • Permanent
    • Lovell Lane from Allied Dr to Carling Dr


District 11 - Alder Martin

  • Temporary (MMSD)
    • Caromar Drive/Keating Terrace from Mineral Point Rd to Tokay Blvd
    • Waukesha Street from S. Segoe Rd to LaCrosse Ln
    • LaCrosse Ln from Waukesha St to South Hill Dr
    • South Hill Drive from La Cross Ln to S Segoe Rd
    • Anchorage Avenue / Beach Street / Cable Avenue from S. Rosa Rd to South Hill Dr
  • Permanent
    • Driftwood Avenue from S. Rosa Rd to Island Drive
    • Heather Crest from N. Midvale Blvd to N. Owen Drive
    • N. Owen Drive from Heather Crest to N. Blackhawk Ave


District 12 - Alder Abbas

  • Temporary (MMSD)
    • Ruskin Street from Aberg Ave to Schlimgen Ave
    • Sixth Street from Packers Ave to E. Johnson St
  • Permanent
    • Hoffman Street from Anderson St to Kinsman Blvd
    • Wright Street from Kinsman Blvd to Pierstroff St
    • Kinsman Blvd from Hoffman St to Wright St
    • Darwin Road from Packers Avenue to International Lane


District 13 - Alder Evers

  • Temporary (MMSD)
    • Western Avenue from Gregory St to Monroe St
    • Gilmore Street from Gregory St to Monroe St
  • Permanent
    • Pine Street from Gilson St to Beld St


District 14 - Alder Carter

  • Temporary (MMSD)
    • Cypress Way from W. Badger Rd to Sequoia Trl
    • Sequoia Trail from Cypress Way to Hackberry Ln
    • Hackberry Lane from Sequoia Trl to Magnolia Ln
  • Permanent
    • Sequoia Trail from Hackberry Ln to Catalpa Rd
    • Catalpa Road from W. Badger Rd to Fish Hatchery Rd
      • Intersection of Catalpa and Fish Hatchery will be sanded
    • Magnolia Lane from Catalpa Rd to Cypress Way
    • Traceway Drive from Post Rd to Greenway Cross
    • McDivitt Road from Todd Dr to the dead end
    • Nygard Street from N. Rusk Ave to Sundstrom St
    • Sundstrom St from Nygard St to Koster St
    • Hoboken Road from Lake Point Dr to Waunona Way
    • Fayette Avenue from W. Broadway to Waunona Way
    • Frazier Avenue from W. Broadway to Waunona Way
    • Esther Beach Road from Nana Ln to Waunona Way
    • Greenleaf Drive from Waunona Way to Ethelwyn Rd
    • Ethelwyn Road from Nana Ln / Harriman Ln to Waunona Way
    • Harriman Ln from Nana Ln to Waunona Way
    • Waunona Way from Harriman Ln to Hoboken Rd


District 15 - Alder Foster

  • Temporary (Metro)
    • Royster Oaks Avenue from Cottage Grove Rd to Pinney St
    • Pinney Street from Dempsey Rd to Royster Oaks Ave
  • Temporary (MMSD)
    • Schenk Street from Milwaukee St to Dennett Dr
    • Ogden Street from Dennett Dr to Tulane Ave
    • Hargrove Street from Walter St to Dennett Dr
    • Fairmont Avenue from Lexington Ave to Concord Ave
    • Concord Avenue from Fairmont Ave to the North Stoughton Road Service Rd
    • North Stoughton Service Road from Concord Avenue to Lexington Ave
  • Permanent
    • Lexington Avenue from Highway 51 to E. Washington Ave
    • East Dean Avenue from Monona Drive to Allis Ave
    • Allis Avenue from E. Dean Ave. to Turner Ave


District 16 - Alder Tierney

  • Temporary (Metro)
    • Kings Mill Way from E. Buckeye Rd to Cottontail Trl
    • Dell Drive from Cottontail Trl to Langley Ln
    • Langley Lane from Dell Dr to Cottontail Trl
  • Temporary (MMSD)
    • Tompkins Drive from Monona Drive to the South Stoughton Road Service Road
    • Groveland Terrace from Tompkins Dr to Pflaum Rd
    • Camden Road from Tompkins Dr to Pflaum Rd
    • South Stoughton Road Service Road  from Tompkins Dr to Pflaum Rd
    • Academy Drive from Acewood Blvd to Ellen Ave
  • Permanent
    • Helgesen Drive from Advance Rd to Daniels St
    • Daniels Street from Helgesen Dr to Pflaum Rd
    • Ellen Avenue from E. Buckeye Rd to Vondron Rd


District 17 - Alder Baldeh

  • Temporary (MMSD)
    • Donald Drive from Portage Rd to Crest Line Dr
    • Crest Line Drive from Donald Dr to Derek Rd
    • Derek Road from Crest Line Dr to Portage R
  • Permanent
    • Lancaster Drive from High Crossing Blvd to Wayne Terrace
    • Wayne Terrace from Lancaster Dr to High Crossing Blvd


District 18 - Alder Kemble

  • Temporary (Metro)
    • Comanche Way from Wheeler Rd to Manitowish Way
    • Chinook Lane from Menomonie Ln to Burning Wood Way
    • Menomonie Lane from Comanche Way to Chinook Ln
    • Burning Wood Way from Chinook Ln to Manitowish Way
    • Manitowish Way from Burning Wood Way to Comanche Way
  • Temporary (MMSD)
    • Dakota Drive from Delaware Blvd to Wyoming Way
    • Esch Lane from Delaware Blvd to Wyoming Way
    • Wyoming Way from Dakota Dr to Wheeler Rd
  • Permanent
    • Westport Rd from Knutson Dr to Green Ave
    • Green Avenue from Knutson Dr to Westport Rd
    • Havey Road from School Rd to Kennedy Rd
    • Kennedy Road from Northport Dr to Wheeler Rd
    • North Sherman Road from Wheeler Rd to the dead end


District 19 - Alder Furman

  • Temporary (Metro)
    • Offshore Drive from Nautilus Drive to S. Yellowstone Dr
    • S. Yellowstone Drive from Offshore Dr to Inner Dr
    • Inner Dr from S. Yellowstone Dr to Colony Dr
  • Permanent
    • Harvest Hill Road from N. Gammon Rd to Pebble Beach Dr
    • Nautilus Drive from Mineral Point Rd to Inner Dr / Island Dr
    • Baker Avenue from University Ave to Lake Mendota Drive
      • Intersection of Baker and University will be sanded
    • Lake Mendota Drive from Baker Ave to Capital Ave
    • Lake Medonta Drive from Merrill Springs Rd east to the city limits


District 20 - Alder Albouras

  • Temporary (Metro)
    • Brookwood Road from Hammersley Rd to Piping Rock Rd
    • Piping Rock Rd from Brookwood Rd to Hathaway Dr
    • Hathaway Drive from Piping Rock Rd to Schroeder Rd
  • Temporary (MMSD)
    • Piping Rock Road from Hathaway Dr to Frisch Rd
    • Woodington Way from Frisch Rd to Piping Rock Rd
  • Permanent
    • Waterford Road from Prairie Rd to Manchester Rd
      • Intersection of Manchester and Waterford will be sanded


Loader filling up a truck with salt in 2019

A loader is filling up a plow truck with salt. The salt helps make our roads clear from snow, but there is a steep environmental cost.