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The Streets Division is responsible for basic street repair such as filling potholes and repairing minor damage. We also supervise the chip sealing of unimproved streets.

Major street projects such as reconstruction and resurfacing are the responsibility of City Engineering.


Madison's Engineering Division performs an annual chip sealing treatment on streets around Madison.

Chip sealing involves applying a layer of oil to the street and covering it with surfacing material, generally a layer of small stones. After the oil has cured (approximately five to ten days) excess material will be swept by a mechanical street sweeper. There is no charge to property owners for chip sealing.

In conjunction with Engineering's program, the Streets Division also selects a few segments for Engineering to treat with chip sealing. The number of roadways the Streets Division can choose varies from year to year and is dependent upon available budget space for Engineering's project. In most instances, the Streets Division will choose unimproved streets for chip sealing. Unimproved streets are ones without curb and gutter.

For more information regarding chip sealing - and the complete list of streets receiving this treatment - visit Engineering's website.


East Side

Street From


Kay St west end Maher Ave
Linda Vista Spaanem Ave Camden Rd
Maher Ave Buckeye Rd Pflaum Rd
Melinda Dr Homberg Ln Vondron Rd
S Dutch Mill Rd Tradewinds Pkwy Voges Rd
Ruth St Spaanem Ave Camden Rd
Wendy Ln Starker Ave E. Buckeye Rd
Hegg Ave Davidson St south end
Pinchot Ave Dempsey Rd Bowman Ave
Claire St Gary St Pinchot Ave

West Side

Street From To
Camus Ln University Ave Greening Ln
E. Skyline Dr N. Highlands Ave W. Skyline Dr
Laurel Crest Capital Ave University Ave
Marconi St Glen Hwy N. Rosa Rd
Oak Crest Ave N. Kenosha Dr

Frosty Ln

Taychopera Rd Capital Ave to west end of streets
W. Skyline Dr S Highlands Ave E Skyline Dr