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Every year hundreds of tone of material is sent to the landfill that could easily be reused. The trick is to get unwanted material into the hands of people who can use it.

Rummage sale

One of the best ways to your unwanted items reused to hold a rummage sale. A rummage sale is a great way to turn your trash into cash.

Resale stores

If you don't have time to organize a rummage sale your can donate your unwanted items to one of several charitable organizations that operate resale shops. Many offer free pick up. Please call these organizations to make sure they can use your unwanted items.

  • American Cancer Society Discovery Shop, (608) 829-1002
  • Bethel Parish Shoppe, (608) 255-9183
  • Boomerangs (608) 268-0793
  • Easter Seal Society, (608) 257-7780
  • Goodwill Industries, (608) 246-3150
  • Habitat For Humanity (608) 661-2813
  • Hospice Care Thrift Store (608) 833-4556
  • Oakwood Resale Shop, (608) 230-4264
  • Salvation Army (608) 244-4680
  • St. Vincent DePaul Stores, (608) 278-2920
  • Steinway Piano Bank (608)237-7373

There are also several for profit resale and consignment stores. You will find them listed in the phone book under "ReSale Stores".

The Madison Stuff Exchange: A Reuse Web Site

The City of Madison and Dane County have set up a reuse and resale web site called the Madison Stuff Exchange.

Building Materials

Unneeded or used building materials can find a new home through two reuse facilities in Madison. If you have material that might be useful you can donate it to Habitat for Humanity's ReStore, (608) 661-2813.

Both stores are an excellent place to find bargain materials for your home improvement projects.