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Reuse Options

Books can be donated to your local branch of the Madison Public Library. Donation Information.

The Madison Stuff Exchange is a web site that is open to anyone who lives or works in Dane County. You list your old book in an effort to find someone who can use thee. To register for the Stuff Exchange and shop for bargains on hundreds of items go to The Madison Stuff exchange is a free service.

There are many local used book stores and resale shops that also accept old books. Check the phone directory for options.

Book Recycling

Many books, such as text books, older editions, and well worn paperbacks are not good candidates for reuse. These books can be recycled, but we cannot accept them in our green carts.

While phone books and catalogs have water soluble bindings that dissolve in the paper making process, hard cover books and paperbacks have tough bindings that must be removed before the paper can be recycled so they require special handling.

You can recycle books at the Madison Recycling Center, a private firm, at 2200 Fish Hatchery RD. Information on hours etc call 608-251-2115.