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Do not place clothes or shoes into the recycling cart.

The City of Madison does not provide a curbside service to collect clothes & shoes for recycling or reuse. For curbside disposal, they go into your tan trash cart to head to the landfill.

However, that doesn't mean this is the only way to handle clothes.


There are several organizations around Madison that can accept clothing & shoes donations.

Check the Streets Division's Reuse It! website for a partial list of these organizations and what they accept. Some of these organizations offer curbside collection, too.

The east side drop-off site at 4602 Sycamore Ave. has clothing & shoes donation bin. The bin is provided by Goodwill of South Central Wisconsin.

As of 2/15/22, the west side drop-off sites do not have a clothing bin for donations.

rules for donation bin at Streets division
  • If donating shoes, please remember to keep the left & right shoes paired
    • Either lace them together or use rubber bands.
  • Clothing should be bagged to help keep the clothes dry.
    • Please include shoes in the bag as well
  • Clothing condition:
    • Donation facilities prefer clothes that are "gently" used for easy resell.
    • However, clothes with more wear are still acceptable. If they cannot be sold, they go to textile recyclers.