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There are two options for vacuum disposal.

Option one: Recycle It

To recycle the vacuum, take it to the Streets Division drop-off site and place it with the electronics.

Be sure you know the hours and location of the drop-off site before loading your vehicle.

Do not place the vacuum into the green recycling cart.

option two: trash it

If the vacuum can fit into your tan trash cart, it can go in there to be sent to the landfill.

If the vacuum is too large for your trash cart, you should fill out a large item work order to be picked up as a large item item.  "Vacuum" is not one of the options for the large item work order form, so it is okay to choose "Other Plastic Large Item" as the item for the form.

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Disposal options are really for broken and non-repairable vacuums.

If your vacuum works, consider your local thrift stores or even social media networks, to give the vacuum a second life and create less waste.