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In addition to the City of Madison's Electronics Recycling program there are several options offered by the private sector.

Local Computer Recycling Options
  • Goodwill accepts computers and computer components at no charge. Goodwill does not accept televisions and other electronics, only computer related materials.
  • Cascade Asset Management 6701 Manufacturers Dr. (608) 222-4800. . Collects and accepts computers, televisions, and electronics for a fee from businesses and organizations. Please call for current recycling rate.
  • Madison Recycling Center 2200 Fish Hatchery Rd, (608) 251-2115. Accepts all computers, computer components, and peripherals. The also accept consumer electronics. They charge $.35 per pound.
  • Resource Solutions 5493 Express Circle, (608) 244-5451. Collects and can pick-up computer components and peripherals for recycling. They accept most computers and electronics for free. They do CHARGE for Televisions and Monitors. Please call for current recycling rate
  • Best Buy Stores 2452 East Springs Dr. (608) 242-0701, 7357 West Towne Way (608) 829-1188. Best Buy stores will recycle a variety of appliances and electronics. For more information about services provided, please visit
  • Staples Stores, 6580 Monona Dr. (608) 216-0931, 4538 Verona Rd. (608) 271-1821.
Computer manufacturers that take back their old computers
  • Apple offers free recycling with a qualified purchase.
  • Dell 1-888-576-3818 offers free recycling of all Dell computer systems and components.
  • IBM 1-888-746-7426 will accept any make or model of used computers & monitors for a fee of $29.99.
  • Gateway 1-800-846-4208 Gateway will accept old computers and monitors as trade-in for the purchase of a new Gateway computer system. A pre-paid UPS shipping label is provided and the computer must be boxed and sent by the individual.

Note: This information is provided in the interest of public information and does not constitute an endorsement of any product or company.

other Collection Options
There are two private firms that offer collection of old electronics for a fee:

  • File 13 E-Waste Solutions, 3460 Meier Rd, Unit 2, Madison, WI, 608-221-1313
  • 1-800-Got Junk, P.O. Box 260196, Madison, 1-800-468-5865, 1-800-Got-Junk.
  • Resource Solutions 5493 Express Circle 244-5451
  • Cascade Asset Management 6701 Manufacturers Dr. (608) 222-4800 (Businesses and Organizations ONLY)