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You can recycle most of your junk mail by putting it in your green recycling cart. That includes window envelopes and glossy inserts.

Junk mail, like all things, is changing. Paper junk mail can be recycled like before (including the window envelopes), but sometimes mailers are made of plastic, or contain dummy credit cards in them. These flat plastic items belong in the trash.

But, you might also wish to try to reduce the volume of junk mail you receive. You can do that several ways.

  • Follow the directions outlined by the Federal Trade Commission.

The FTC provides clear guidance on how to limit junk mail. Visit the FTC site to learn how.

  • You can also try:
    • Use post paid response cards and envelopes to send back junk mail. Be sure to include the mailing label and request to be removed from the mailing list.

    • Call toll free numbers on junk mail and let them know you no longer want mailings.

    • When you apply for a credit card, magazine subscription or membership in an organization, or donate to a charity, write "Please do not rent, sell, trade, or give my name to other businesses or organizations" on your application.

    • When you donate to a charity, ask them to limit future solicitations to one per year.

    • Call the office of the weekly "shopper" newspaper and ask to have delivery stopped. In Madison, contact Capital Newspapers..

    • Have the phone company remove your name from the published phone directory. Some mailing list companies use the directory as a source of addresses.

    • Write refused on unwanted first class mail.