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The City of Madison accepts all shoes to recycle. We have now partnered with St. Vincent de Paul's and Goodwill for the program.

Where Do I Take My Old Shoes for Recycling?


  • The City of Madison Streets Division
    • 1501 W. Badger Road (St. Vinny's)
    • 4602 Sycamore Avenue (Goodwill)
  • Supreme Health and Fitness: 5555 Odana Road (St. Vinny's)
  • University of Wisconsin Recreational Sports Camp Randall Sports Center: 1430 Monroe Street (St. Vinny's)
  • University of Wisconsin Natatorium: 2000 Observatory Drive (St. Vinny's)
  • University of Wisconsin SERF: 715 W. Dayton St. (St. Vinny's)


Please bind donated shoes into their pairs for easy sorting. You can use rubber bands, or tie the laces together to ensure the pairs stay together.