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Recycling & Collection Fees

recycling & collection fees

Here is the items and the prices for the large items that require a special fee.

A fee sticker is necessary or each item.

The items shaded in YELLOW below must be taken to a drop-off site. They will not be collected from the curb.

$35 Fee Items $15 Fee Items $10 Fee Items $5 Fee Item
Air compressors "Dorm" refrigerators

Computer towers

Tires - car or small truck & off the rim
Air conditioners Fluorescent light fixtures (bulbs removed) Computers  
Boats Garden tillers Laptops  
Copy machines (office sized) Gas grills Monitors  
Dehumidifiers Lawn mowers Tires - large truck  
Dishwashers Leaf shredders Tires still on the rim  
Dryers Snow throwers    
Freezers (must remove doors) Items with engine size equivalent to a lawn mower, garden tiller, etc.    
Furnaces Microwave ovens    
Hot tubs Televisions (all sizes)    
Ice machines      
Large commercial appliances      
Large medical devices      
Refrigerators (full size; must remove doors)      
Tanning beds (remove bulbs, if possible)      
Trash compactors      
Water coolers      
Water heaters      
Water softeners      
Wood stoves      

How is the Fee Paid?

Residents must purchase a recycling sticker to attach to appropriate appliances left at the curb or brought to a drop off site.

See the "Sticker Purchase Options" sidebar for details on how to buy a sticker.


There will be no fee for the following Items
  • Blenders
  • Space heaters
  • Exercise equipment
  • Pianos
  • Fans
  • Stereo Equipment (Can be recycled at drop-off sites)
  • Humidifiers
  • Garbage disposals
  • Irons
  • Toasters and toaster ovens
  • Printers (Must be recycled at drop-off sites)
  • Radios (Can be recycled at drop-off sites)
  • VCRs (Must be recycled at drop-off sites)


Small appliances that do not require a fee and are mostly metal and also weigh less than 10 pounds, like a toaster, can be placed into the green recycling cart.

Items like stereo equipment, box fans, Christmas tree lights and certain other small consumer electronics can be recycled at no charge at the drop-off sites. .

Certain other electronics like VCRs, printers, must be recycled because they are banned from the landfill. Electronics banned from the landfill can be brought to the drop-off sites for recycling, and please note that some banned items, like computers, require a fee.

Alternatives to purchasing a recycling Fee Sticker
Many area appliance dealers will haul away old appliances from customers. Several will haul them for a fee. When purchasing a new appliance ask the retailer about their policy on removing old appliances.

There are also several scrap dealers in town who will accept most old appliances, some charge a fee. Call dealers first for prices and conditions of disposal.

Dealers that accept appliances include:

  • All Metal Recycling: 1802 S. Park St. (608) 255-0960
  • Kruser Recycling : 6421 Edna Taylor Parkway (608) 223-9220
  • Resource Solutions: 5493 Express Cir. (608) 244-5451
  • Alter Recycling: 4400 Sycamore Ave. (608) 241-1571
  • Order online
    • Sticker is mailed after a successful purchase. Allow 1 week for delivery.
  • By Mail:
    • Mail request to Street Division, 1501 W. Badger Rd., Madison, WI 53713
    • Make checks payable to City Treasurer
    • Allow 1 week for request to arrive and another week for sticker to arrive
  • By Phone
    • Call 608-266-4681.
    • Provide credit card info to clerk during regular business hours Monday - Friday 7:30am - 4pm
    • Sticker is mailed after purchase. Allow 1 week for delivery.


  • Walk-in purchase options unavailable due to COVID-19.
  • Libraries are closed due to COVID-19.
    • All Madison Public Library branches during their regular business hours. The libraries accept cash or check only. No credit cards.