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Three Cart Sizes
       35 gal.               65 Gal.                  95 Gal.

The Streets Division offers three cart sizes for refuse and recycling carts. Only the 65 and 95 gallon containers are available for refuse collection while all three sizes are currently available for recycling collection. Green carts are for recycling. Tan carts for refuse.

The sizes are 35-gallon, 65-gallon, and 95-gallon. Please note, however, that 35-gallon carts are being phased out of our refuse and recycling collection.

Each cart size has different dimensions:

Dimensions 35 Gallon 65 Gallon 95 Gallon
Height w/Lid 39.13" 40.58" 45.13"
Width 20.20" 26.70" 28.50"
Depth 22.98" 28.11" 33.73"

For more questions about collection carts, please contact the Streets Division offices that service your neighborhood. East side residents should call 246-4532. West side residents should call 266-4681.

How do I know which cart size I have?
Cart Serial Number
You can determine the size of your cart by looking at the serial number on the front of the cart. The first two digits indicate the year in which the cart was made. In this photo the numbers 08 indicate the cart was made in 2008.

The third digit will be either a 3, 6, or 9. That will tell you the size of your cart. A 3 indicates a 35-gallon cart, a 6 indicates a 65-gallon cart and a 9 indicates a 95-gallon cart. In this photo the number 9 indicates it is a 95-gallon cart.