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Mattresses and box springs collected in our large item program are recycled. There is no recycling fee sticker required.


Program Details

Mattresses and box springs are collected as part of the Streets Division's regular large item program.

Large items are collected every other week, on the same day as your regular trash. Check your collection schedule calendar to learn your large item pickup day.

You do not need to take any special steps to get your mattresses and box springs recycled. Our crews will keep these items separate these items later. 

In an effort to help with recycling them, we ask that you avoid placing mattresses and box springs at the curb when rain or snow is in the forecast. Completely saturated units cannot be recycled.

what happens to the mattress?

Mattresses and box springs collected as part of this program are shipped the Bay Area Recycling for Charities outside of Traverse City, MI where they are dismantled.

Steel, polyurethane foam, wood, and fabric padding are recycled. The outer covers are sent to the landfill.