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Moving Days

On August 14th and 15th leases for most downtown area apartments end. That means that thousands of residents will be moving out of their old apartments and into new ones.

In 2016, Madison's student moving days put over 1 million pounds of material into the landfill. That's so much stuff. It is crucial to follow the rules and regulations so Streets Division crews can collect all that waste material as quickly and safely as possible.

Also, 1 million pounds into the landfill !?! We can do better than that. Before you landfill it, donate it, or sell it, or best yet, move it with you.

See below for the resources to help reduce the amount of your stuff going to the landfill during these moving days.

Donate Your Usable Goods

Usable items like clean clothing, functional household items, small furniture, unopened nonperishable food, and kitchen items are all very easily donated.

If you've planned ahead, there are many, many thrift stores in the Madison area that accept items. Call the one closest to you to see if they will accept the items you no longer need.

If you haven't planned ahead, that's okay. Instead of clogging the landfill with those items, there are places where you can donate items in the downtown area during moving days.


Downtown Drop Off Sites For Usable Goods:

Bring your usable goods to the following location on the dates listed and they will be put to good use by St. Vincent de Paul.

Accepted items include: clothes, shoes, functional electronics, furniture, kitchen ware, utensils, and other household items.

No trash, televisions, sofa sleepers, computer monitors, mattresses, box springs, futons, or large appliances.

  • U Haul Parking Lot
    602 W. Washington AV.
    • Friday, August 12, 2016- 1pm until 7pm
    • Saturday, August 13, 2016- 11am until 7pm
    • Sunday, August 14, 2016- 10am until 2pm

Apartment Building Sites

Goodwill donation stations have been set up at the following apartment buildings. The use of these apartment building donation stations are limited to residents of the respective buildings. For dates and other information, residents of these buildings should check with their property manager.

    • Equinox
    • 420 Gorham
    • Humbucker
    • Vantage Point
    • Grand Central
    • X01
    • Lucky
    • Regent
    • Henry Street Apartments
    • Highland
    • Embassy
    • La Ville
    • Park Regent
    • Varsity Quarters
    • The Hub
    • Towers on State


Fill 'Em Up & Roll 'Em Out

Carts The Streets Division will be emptying refuse and recycling carts in the downtown moving area everyday between August 7th through August 111th. Fill up your carts according to the guidelines below and roll them to the curb anytime this week.

We will empty your carts so you can fill them up again. You may fill up your refuse and recycling carts and roll them out as often as you like during the week of August 7th.

Using your carts for refuse and recycling is easier than lugging lots of bags or loose material to the curb. It will keep your neighborhood cleaner and make the move out process very simple for everyone.

On Sunday, August 14, 2016 there will be a special pick up in the downtown student move areas from 6am to 12pm. We will be collecting refuse, recycling, and large items on 8/14/16.


Hundreds upon hundreds of tons of trash will make its way to the curb in the move out period. The Streets Division needs your help to make the move out as orderly as possible. Besides making a plan to move out efficiently and land filling as little as possible, please follow these guidelines when placing trash and recycling at the curb during the move out.

  • Do NOT put trash in cardboard boxes. Boxes must be flattened and bundled for recycling.
  • Keep refuse and large items - for example, sofas and other furniture - separate when placed at the curb.
  • Nothing but recycling in your green recycling cart. Do not put recycling in your tan refuse cart.
  • Put all recycling at the curb in the green recycling cart or, if necessary, in clear plastic bags. No loose piles of recycling.
  • Do Not Take The Recycling or Refuse Carts. The Carts belong to the City and must remain behind when you move for the new tenants. There will be carts at your new apartment if you will be using City recycling services.
  • Do not pile bagged trash or large items around your recycling or refuse carts.
  • Put all refuse at the curb in your tan refuse cart or trash bags. No loose piles of trash/garbage.
  • Do not pile bagged trash or recyclables on top of furniture or appliances.
  • Keep larger metal items separate from other material so that it can be recycled.
  • Most appliances, including microwaves, require a fee for collection.
  • Do not place televisions at the curb. They should be brought to a drop off site for recycling. There is also a small fee for this item.




(608)246-4532 if you live east of S. Park Street (and that includes the isthmus) or

(608)266-4681 if you live west of S. Park (and that includes the area around Camp Randall).

You can email us.

Sell or Give Away Usable Items or Find Bargains for Your New Apartment on the Madison Stuff Exchange.

Because so many people are moving into new apartments, the demand for used furniture and other household items will be very high. That makes this a great time to list items you no longer use on the Madison Stuff Exchange.

Residents of Madison and Dane County can register to use the site at no charge. Items can be given away or offered for sale. There is a maximum sale price of $99 for any item and businesses may not use the site to sell their products or services. Residents looking for items can also register and post their wanted list on line.

The address of the Madison Stuff Exchange is
Moving Days Partner Organizations
        St. Vinnies